Italian fashion influencer and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni is making waves in the beauty industry once again. After the successful launch of her makeup collection last year, Ferragni is now setting her sights on the world of fragrances.

Ferragni recently inked a global licensing agreement with Angelini Beauty SpA, a subsidiary of Italian group Angelini Industries. Known for their production of fragrances for renowned brands like Trussardi and Blumarine, Angelini Beauty will now work with Ferragni to produce, distribute, and promote her very own line of perfumes carrying her name. Fans can look forward to the debut fragrance hitting the shelves in 2023.

One of the factors that attracted Ferragni to collaborate with Angelini Beauty is their strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in the beauty industry. Lluís Plà Fernandez-Villacañas, CEO of Angelini Beauty SpA, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, citing Ferragni’s ability to connect with “digital native” consumers and their shared values as a perfect fit.

For Ferragni, who holds an impressive following of 28.6 million on Instagram, entering the fragrance market is a significant step in establishing her lifestyle brand. Her self-named label already offers a wide range of products, including women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, and even childrenswear. Earlier in 2021, Ferragni collaborated with Safilo to launch her own line of eyewear.

The success of Ferragni’s various business ventures is evident in the substantial revenue of €43.3 million generated in 2021 alone. With plans to attract investors to further accelerate the growth of her brand, Ferragni is well on her way to becoming a powerhouse in both the fashion and beauty industries.

Given Ferragni’s expanding presence in the beauty market, anticipation is high for her upcoming fragrance launch. As a beloved fashion influencer and astute entrepreneur, she has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to connect with her audience and grasp their desires. Ferragni’s entry into the fragrance world promises to bring a unique and inclusive perspective, creating scents that resonate not only with her loyal followers but also with a broader audience. Keep an eye out for more updates on this exciting new venture.

For more information about Chiara Ferragni and her brand, visit her official website here.

To learn more about Angelini Beauty SpA and their commitment to ethical beauty practices, visit their official website here.