Italian jeweler Recarlo has recently joined forces with ethical sustainability project Eco-Age to develop a comprehensive environmental strategy. The renowned jewelry brand, established in 1967 by Carlo Re and currently managed by his sons Giorgio and Paolo, is located in Valenza, Piedmont, a region famous for its skilled artisans and jewelry craftsmanship. The main objective of this new strategy is to tackle the sustainability challenges that the jewelry industry faces, with a particular emphasis on gold recycling. As of now, only 30% of the gold used in jewelry is recycled, highlighting the urgent need for greater recycling efforts.

Giorgio Re, one of the company’s managing directors, has voiced the family’s wariness toward synthetic diamonds, stating that their production consumes a significant amount of energy, unlike natural diamonds that take millions of years to form. The Re brothers were motivated to reach out to Eco-Age after watching Livia Firth’s thought-provoking documentary, “The Diamonds of Botswana,” which delves into the supply chains of the fashion and luxury industries.

Recarlo has already obtained certification from the Responsible Jewelry Council, reaffirming its commitment to responsible mining practices, fair trade, and upholding human rights. Furthermore, the company exclusively sources stones from countries that adhere to the Kimberly Process, an initiative aimed at preventing the use of funds from diamond sales to finance civil conflicts. Recarlo purchases its stones directly from De Beers in southern Africa.

Through the collaboration with Eco-Age, Recarlo aims to further strengthen its dedication to minimizing its environmental impact. The company has implemented a three-pillar policy that centers around people, planet, and product, with the goal of celebrating significant life moments while ensuring a positive legacy for future generations. By working closely with its local artisans, Recarlo has gained a reputation for its exceptional craftsmanship. The next step for the brand is to ensure that its entire supply chain conforms to its sustainability standards.

The partnership between Recarlo and Eco-Age is a testament to the ongoing efforts within the jewelry industry to confront sustainability challenges head-on. By prioritizing responsible sourcing, recycling, and ethical practices, this collaboration seeks to forge a more sustainable future for luxury jewelry. Recarlo, with its fusion of Italian craftsmanship and environmental consciousness, serves as a role model for other brands to follow in their quest for sustainability.

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