Italian luxury brand Antonio Marras has found a lifeline in a recent acquisition by fashion group Calzedonia. Calzedonia, the parent company of popular brands like Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Tezenis, and Falconeri, will now take a majority stake in Antonio Marras. The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but both parties have confirmed that the deal includes investments for a full re-launch of the label.

This acquisition comes at a crucial time for Antonio Marras, as the brand has been facing financial difficulties in recent years. With the backing of Calzedonia, Antonio Marras has the opportunity to strengthen and relaunch itself in the competitive luxury fashion market.

Calzedonia, known primarily for its hosiery and lingerie, has been making strategic moves to establish itself as a major fashion group. Acquiring Antonio Marras allows Calzedonia to further expand its presence in the high-end market. The fashion group has previously made successful acquisitions, including premium cashmere brand Falconeri in 2009 and wedding dress specialist Atelier Emé in 2015.

Sandro Veronesi, the founder of Calzedonia, believes that the combination of Antonio Marras’ artistic vision and Calzedonia’s resources and expertise will lead to great success for the brand. Veronesi sees this agreement as an opportunity to enter a world of exclusivity and creativity.

Calzedonia’s strong financial performance further solidifies their position as a valuable partner for Antonio Marras. In 2021, the company reported sales of €2.5 billion, representing an impressive 29.1% increase compared to the previous year. Additionally, they recorded a gross operating result of over €760 million.

Antonio Marras is renowned for his craftsmanship and poetic touch in fashion. His distinctive style involves reworking vintage pieces and adding embellishments to create unique and artistic designs. With the support of Calzedonia, Marras can now focus solely on the creative aspect of his work, benefiting from the expertise of professionals in this new venture.

Overall, this acquisition marks a significant development for both Antonio Marras and Calzedonia. Antonio Marras receives the necessary resources and support to revive the brand, while Calzedonia expands its presence in the high-end fashion market. The collaboration between these two entities has the potential to yield remarkable results.

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