Italian luxury brand Moncler has taken a significant step towards achieving sustainability by securing a sustainability-linked revolving credit facility. Intesa Sanpaolo, an Italian bank, has provided Moncler with a credit line of up to €400 million. This financing, set to have a positive impact, will expire in 2023 but can be extended for an additional two years. Moncler will be rewarded for accomplishing specific objectives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

Prada, another prominent luxury brand, set a precedent for this type of loan by signing a sustainability-linked agreement with Crédit Agricole in November 2019. Moncler aims to strengthen its already robust liquidity position and mitigate the risk profile brought about by the current situation by securing this credit facility.

Apart from the sustainability-linked credit line, Moncler has also extended its licensing deal with Marcolin Group, a company responsible for the design, production, and distribution of Moncler’s eyewear collections. This partnership initially began in 2015 and will now continue until December 31, 2025. Marcolin Group will oversee the creation of men’s and women’s eyewear collections, including sunglasses and optical frames.

Moncler has been experiencing consistent growth in recent years, with a revenue increase of 15% in 2019, amounting to €1.63 billion. Additionally, its net income rose by 9% to €361.5 million. With these latest developments, Moncler is further solidifying its commitment to sustainability while simultaneously expanding its presence in the luxury market.

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