Italian luxury jeans label, Jacob Cohën Company SpA, has announced the acquisition of a 100% stake in JC Industry, its licensed producer and distributor since Fall/Winter 2021-22. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Jacob Cohën as it now gains full control over its manufacturing and retail business, allowing the brand to have a more hands-on approach in developing its products and defining its market positioning.

Jacob Cohën is already a prominent presence in the fashion industry, with headquarters and a showroom in Milan, as well as monobrand stores in Milan, Paris, Saint-Tropez, and Courchevel. The company also owns a specialized garment-making workshop. Owning JC Industry will further solidify Jacob Cohën’s position in the luxury market as it can now have complete control over the quality of its collections.

Acknowledging the partnership with Sinv and its president Francesco Dalla Rovere, Luca Roda, CEO of Jacob Cohën Company SpA, expressed gratitude. Roda also acknowledged illimity Bank for their belief in their ambitious plans. With this acquisition, Jacob Cohën is eager to take their brand to new heights.

Jennifer Tommasi Bardelle, president of Jacob Cohën Company SpA, stressed the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. These elements have always been fundamental for Jacob Cohën and contribute to its reputation as the first luxury denim brand. Bardelle believes that having complete control over the manufacturing process will allow the brand to continue producing unique and exceptionally high-quality products.

In fiscal 2022, Jacob Cohën generated €71 million in revenue. The company aims to exceed €80 million in 2023 and plans to open multiple new stores. Presently, the brand operates four stores directly and partners with others in various locations. Jacob Cohën’s revenue primarily comes from the wholesale channel, with monobrand stores accounting for only 10% of sales. The brand’s products can be found in renowned department stores worldwide, including Harrods, La Rinascente, Le Bon Marché, and Neiman Marcus.

Menswear contributes to 82% of Jacob Cohën’s revenue, with womenswear accounting for the remaining 18%. While its main markets are Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and France, Jacob Cohën is also witnessing the growing importance of the US market. The brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 commercial campaign has already shown a 15% increase in results compared to the previous season. In terms of e-commerce, Italy leads the way, followed by Germany and the USA.

With its recent acquisition, Jacob Cohën is positioned to continue its success in the luxury fashion industry. By taking full control of its production and distribution, the brand aims to deliver even more exceptional products and expand its reach to new markets worldwide.

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