Italian luxury sneaker brand Golden Goose is reportedly considering going public on the Milan stock market in the first half of 2024. The company, which was acquired by private equity firm Permira last year, has enlisted the help of financial advisory firm Lazard to guide them through the listing process. Although Golden Goose, Permira, and Lazard have not commented on the matter, if the plan goes ahead, the brand will join a growing number of footwear companies pursuing public market listings.

This move by Golden Goose follows a period of relative quiet in the IPO market, with German premium footwear maker Birkenstock recently announcing its intentions to go public in the United States. Golden Goose’s potential listing reflects the company’s aim to capitalize on its strong brand reputation and expand its presence in the luxury sneaker market.

As a brand known for its distinctive sneakers featuring a five-point star, Golden Goose has found success in the luxury market, with its sneakers priced at over 400 euros per pair. CEO Silvio Campara has expressed confidence in the company’s growth potential, emphasizing the diversification of its product offerings and increased control over its supply chain. In the first half of this year, Golden Goose’s net revenues grew by 21%, reaching 276 million euros, driven by increased direct-to-consumer sales and expansion in various regions.

Additionally, the company reported that its core profit accounted for 34.6% of its revenues during the first six months of this year, highlighting its strong profitability. By pursuing a listing on the Milan stock market with the guidance of Lazard, Golden Goose aims to attract new investors, raise capital, and achieve its growth ambitions.

Overall, Golden Goose’s potential IPO in Milan signals its strategic move towards expanding its reach and further establishing its brand reputation in the luxury sneaker market. While it remains to be seen whether the listing plans will materialize, the company appears to be taking the necessary steps towards a successful IPO in 2024.

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