Italian shoe designer Gianvito Rossi has recently unveiled his very first handbag, the Valì, following his partnership deal with luxury conglomerate Richemont. The Valì handbag showcases Gianvito’s signature style, combining artisanal craftsmanship, sleek luxury, and a modern aesthetic. Rossi sees the handbag as an essential accessory for women and an opportunity to express his unique interpretation of this fashion staple. The Valì will be released globally on October 18, with special pop-up events at Bergdorf Goodman and Isetan, along with other international retailers. It will also be available in Gianvito Rossi boutiques and on Net-a-Porter, the exclusive online retail partner for the launch.

Taking inspiration from suitcases, Rossi aimed to create a handbag that felt precious and allowed women to carry their most treasured items. The Valì’s rounded angles give it the appearance of an old suitcase, exuding strength while maintaining a lightweight feel. Made of calfskin, the Valì comes in four colors: black, peach, off white, and violet. Priced at 2,250 euros, the handbag embodies Rossi’s playful yet elegant style with a touch of femininity. In the future, he plans to release a smaller version of the Valì as a follow-up design.

In addition to introducing the Valì, Gianvito Rossi has been expanding his business to various locations across the globe. Recently, he has opened stores in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Shenzhen, and Hanoi. His upcoming plans include unveiling boutiques in Kuwait and Riyadh, marking the brand’s first store in Saudi Arabia’s Faisaliah Mall.

As the son of renowned shoe designer Sergio Rossi, Gianvito possesses a deep understanding of Italian culture and aesthetics, which is evident in his style. In July, he made the strategic decision to sell a majority stake in his company to Richemont, aligning with their vision of long-term quality and expansion through direct retail, particularly in Asia. While the financial details of the sale have not been disclosed, Gianvito Rossi’s annual sales are estimated to exceed €99 million.

Moving forward, Gianvito Rossi’s focus is on global sales growth, expanding retail operations, and increasing production while maintaining the highest quality standards. Despite the recent market slowdown, he believes in the continuous demand for high-quality products in the future. Rossi takes pride in preserving the heritage and craftsmanship of Italian artisans while giving it a fresh interpretation. His latest collection draws inspiration from Ancient Rome, incorporating elements such as gladiator sandals and laurel crown accents. Due to his ability to blend precious materials with bold designs, Rossi has gained a loyal following, including celebrities like Rihanna and Michelle Yeoh.

To end on a light note, Gianvito Rossi playfully dismissed the idea of opening a Gianvito Rossi hotel, expressing his love for hotels as a guest rather than an owner. With his innovative designs and commitment to quality, Gianvito Rossi continues to make a significant impact in the fashion and luxury world.

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