Italian textiles producer Manteco has made a strategic move in early 2024 by acquiring a 100% stake in Casentino Lane, a specialized spinning factory located in the Casentino region of Tuscany. Known for its rich history in wool production dating back to the 14th century, this region is not only a national park but also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Matteo Mantellassi, joint CEO of Manteco, expressed his pride in preserving the heritage and expertise of Casentino Lane. Having worked closely with the spinning factory as partners for several years, both companies share a commitment to innovation, research, and sustainability – with a strong focus on adopting a circular approach.

By acquiring Casentino Lane, Manteco gains control over a crucial stage of fabric production. With an estimated annual yarn output of 700,000 kg, Manteco can now exercise greater control over its supply chain and ensure high-quality materials for its products.

The Mantellassi brothers, Matteo and Marco, joint CEOs of Manteco, are optimistic about the future prospects of the company. Marco Mantellassi underlines that this acquisition is only the beginning, as they plan to make significant investments in sustainability and innovation for the 4,000-square-meter factory.

Manteco has shown promising financial performance recently, with revenue reaching €97 million in 2022. This marks an 18% increase compared to the previous year and even surpasses the company’s 2019 revenue before the pandemic struck. The majority of Manteco’s business originates from international markets, particularly Europe (including France, Northern Europe, and Spain) and the USA.

The acquisition of Casentino Lane represents a significant milestone for Manteco, reinforcing its position as a leading textiles producer. With a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and an increased production capacity, Manteco is well-prepared for continued success in the industry.

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