In a move that marks a pivotal moment in the journey of the acclaimed fashion house Jacquemus, Bastien Daguzan, who held the esteemed position of president for just under two years, is stepping down from his role.

Simon Porte Jacquemus, the visionary founder, owner, and creative director behind the 14-year-old designer brand, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for Daguzan’s contributions in an official statement released on Thursday. “Bastien has been a formidable driving force behind the business and its leadership. We extend our best wishes to him as he embarks on a new chapter.”

Likewise, Daguzan took a moment to express his gratitude, stating, “I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Simon for his trust and for the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon together with the entire team. Simon has consistently been an immense source of inspiration, and I am deeply proud to have been part of this extraordinary adventure.”

Daguzan’s association with Jacquemus began when he took on a consulting role for the brand during his illustrious five-year term as the general manager of Paco Rabanne fashion. In a significant move in May 2022, Daguzan transitioned into a full-time position at Jacquemus, aligning perfectly with the brand’s remarkable growth trajectory.

The sales figures more than doubled in 2021, an impressive achievement that saw revenues soar past the 100 million euro mark, with over 30 percent of profits contributing directly to the company’s bottom line. Daguzan shared the company’s ambitious objectives, including the aim to double sales once again in 2022 and a bold target of achieving 500 million euros in revenue by 2025.

Jacquemus’s expansion strategy encompasses a diverse array of fashion avenues, including sought-after accessories and ready-to-wear collections, which are distributed through the brand’s robust e-commerce platform, established wholesale partnerships, and a flagship boutique located on the iconic Avenue Montaigne in Paris—a flagship store unveiled just last year. With a dedicated workforce of 300 individuals, Jacquemus thrives under the creative genius of its eponymous designer, known for establishing an indomitable digital presence. Notably, the brand’s official Instagram account boasts a substantial following of 6.2 million avid supporters, reflecting its strong connection with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Daguzan himself underscored the pivotal role of this digital connection, explaining, “Every time we make an announcement on Instagram, we witness a queue forming on Avenue Montaigne. That is our modus operandi: we create moments of surprise that captivate people’s imaginations.”

As Jacquemus embarks on this transitional phase, the fashion industry is sure to keep a close eye on the brand’s trajectory and its continued impact on the ever-evolving world of fashion. Daguzan’s departure marks both an end and a new beginning, inviting anticipation and curiosity about the brand’s future under fresh leadership.