London-based ethical fashion label Jakke is expanding its range with a new line of ready-to-wear styles for the SS23 season. This marks the first time the brand has entered this category, introducing a collection of clothing items such as shirts, co-ords, dresses, lightweight trousers, shorts, and footwear. Founder and Creative Director Nina Hopkins found inspiration for this collection in the iconic artwork of British painter David Hockney, specifically his painting “A Bigger Splash California pool scene.” Hopkins aimed to capture the sense of calm and relaxation associated with California through her designs.

The influence of California is evident in the collection, with references to the state’s natural beauty. The pieces feature various cactus motifs, including a graphic T-shirt and a cactus print co-ord. The collection also incorporates an uneven green stripe pattern, reminiscent of the stripes found on a cactus. Two shades of blue are used throughout the collection, symbolizing the contrast between a pool’s water and the clear blue Californian sky.

In line with Jakke’s commitment to sustainability, the brand has integrated recycled and reused materials into the production process. Organic fabrics, biodegradable Tencel, and recycled polyester are all utilized in creating these garments. This not only aligns with the brand’s ethos but also allows Jakke to expand beyond its reputation as a label focused on cool-weather clothing and establish itself as a year-round brand.

Founded in East London in 2015 by Nina Hopkins, Jakke has always prioritized creating animal-friendly and cruelty-free fashion. The brand’s efforts have garnered recognition, receiving accolades such as Best Faux Fur Brand and Best Wool-Free Brand from PETA. In addition, Jakke was named the Best Vegan Brand in the 2021 Marie Claire Sustainability Awards.

With its venture into ready-to-wear, Jakke is set to reach a broader audience and solidify its position as a sustainable and ethical fashion label. By combining chic designs with eco-conscious practices, the brand continues to offer stylish alternatives for consumers who value both style and ethics.

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