JD Sports, the well-known sportswear retailer, has recently announced the successful completion of its acquisition of the remaining 40% minority stake in Marketing Investment Group SA (MIG). This acquisition makes JD Sports the sole owner of MIG, as the company had previously obtained a 60% stake in 2021.

The European Commission played a crucial role in allowing this acquisition to take place by declaring the transaction compatible with the internal market. With full control over MIG, JD Sports intends to streamline its European operations and expedite the expansion of its JD brand in Central and Eastern Europe.

MIG has proven to be a highly profitable investment, generating approximately £270 million in revenue in the fiscal year that ended in January 2023. The company currently operates 403 stores across 13 countries, including 23 JD stores. By acquiring MIG completely, JD Sports further solidifies its position as a key player in the global market.

Over the past few years, JD Sports has consistently pursued a strategy of acquiring international businesses, often increasing its ownership stake in companies in which it already held a smaller share. For instance, in 2022, JD Sports acquired the remaining nearly-50% stake in Iberian Sports Retail Group (ISRG) that it did not already own, in a cash deal worth €500.1 million (£432.41m).

Through its ongoing expansion and acquisitions, JD Sports continues to strengthen its position as a prominent global sportswear retailer. These strategic moves allow the company to enhance its market presence and offer a wider range of products and services to its customer base. The acquisition of the remaining stake in MIG represents another significant step in JD Sports’ upward growth trajectory.

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