JD Sports and Authentic Brands Group (ABG) are reportedly in discussions about making a joint bid to acquire Topshop, the prominent brand under the failed fashion retail giant Arcadia. ABG, the American owner of Barneys and fast fashion retailer Forever 21, and JD Sports, one of the most respected UK retailers, have formed an interesting partnership. However, they face tough competition from Next, in partnership with an American investment firm, and Boohoo Group, who are also expected to bid for all of Arcadia. Frasers Group may also enter the race. Final offers are due soon.

JD Sports initially did not show interest in making a solo bid for any of Arcadia’s brands, despite its recent activity in the acquisition market. While considering acquiring Debenhams, JD Sports decided against it. However, the strong relationship between JD chairman Peter Cowgill and ABG chairman Jamie Salter has made their partnership a viable option.

Analysts believe that a JD-ABG alliance would provide the best chance for the revival of Topshop. Retail Analyst Emily Salter notes that Topshop is the most lucrative brand from Sir Philip Green’s former retail empire that is up for sale. However, it needs substantial investment and a refreshed strategy to regain its appeal. JD Sports, with its success in targeting young shoppers and digital leadership, is well-positioned to revitalize Topshop. Salter argues that JD Sports would outperform Next in rejuvenating the brand, as Next’s slightly older customer base may struggle to regain Topshop’s popularity among younger generations.

Furthermore, a JD-ABG bid would be positive news for physical retail, as it is more likely to include acquiring physical stores compared to Boohoo Group. While the impact of Covid-19 may call into question the necessity of Topshop’s large store estate, the complete disappearance of the brand from high streets would be deeply felt.

Overall, a partnership between JD Sports and Authentic Brands Group presents an intriguing opportunity for the revival of Topshop. With their respective strengths and expertise, they have the potential to restore the brand’s former glory and navigate the challenges facing the fashion retail industry. The industry and consumers are eagerly awaiting the final outcome of the Topshop bid.

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