In a recent announcement, Jigsaw, the popular British clothing brand, revealed its plans to exit the Australian market. The company has made the difficult decision to close all of its stores and its e-commerce site in Australia, with the coronavirus crisis serving as the main reason for its withdrawal. Jigsaw Australia expressed its gratitude towards its loyal customers and acknowledged that simplifying its business operations was necessary.

Like many retailers worldwide, Jigsaw has been significantly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the company has chosen to concentrate on its domestic market in the UK and streamline its operations. This means that Jigsaw will no longer have a physical presence in Australia, marking a significant change for the brand.

Prior to its exit, Jigsaw operated three stores in Australia – in Canberra, Sydney, and Adelaide. On May 29th, the brand closed these stores permanently, along with its e-commerce site. However, Jigsaw still maintains a presence in other international markets, with three stores in Ireland and Singapore.

While bidding farewell to the Australian market, Jigsaw is gearing up to reopen 33 of its 74 stores in the UK on June 15th. The company is taking various measures to ensure the safety of its staff and customers amidst the pandemic. These measures include implementing limits on the number of customers allowed in stores at one time and reopening fitting rooms with restricted access. Additionally, Jigsaw will offer a phone ordering service with a collection service at the door.

The decision to withdraw from Australia is a strategic move for Jigsaw, making it possible for the company to prioritize and reinforce its presence in its home country. The challenging circumstances brought about by the coronavirus crisis have compelled numerous retailers to reevaluate their operations and make tough decisions. Although Jigsaw’s departure from the Australian market is disappointing, it is an essential step towards ensuring the brand’s future success.

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