John Lewis Fashion Rental has experienced a significant boost in sales after teaming up with AI-powered virtual fashion try-on software company Zyler. According to Zyler, their visualization tool is responsible for more than 30% of sales on the rental site. Furthermore, 16% of website visitors engage with Zyler, and each user views an average of 52 outfits.

Alexander Berend, CEO of Zyler, expressed his excitement at these results, stating that they exceeded their expectations and indicate a strong positive response from customers towards their try-on technology. Berend also highlighted the considerable sales contribution from users, the high engagement among website visitors, and the large number of outfits viewed per user.

The “Try it On” feature on the John Lewis Fashion Rental website enables customers to virtually try on outfits before renting them. Zyler emphasized the importance of this feature for customers who need to rent clothing for important and time-sensitive events. By uploading a headshot and sizing information, customers can see how an outfit will look on them online, all from the comfort of their own homes. Zyler ensures that the virtual try-on experience is as accurate as possible.

Danielle Gagola, Innovation Lead at John Lewis, expressed her satisfaction with the results, stating that the impressive performance of the virtual fashion try-on in the initial months demonstrates its appeal to customers. She also anticipated even higher usage of the virtual try-on service during the winter season as customers seek their perfect Christmas party outfits.

In the summer, John Lewis became the first UK rental site to offer Zyler’s virtual try-on tech when they signed up for a trial. The service is currently available for 750 items, and customers can upload a headshot while inputting their height, bra size, and dress size. The technology is powered by rental giant HURR, and previous trials have shown that the average customer will browse through 250 different outfits using this cutting-edge technology.

The success of Zyler’s visualization tool on the John Lewis Fashion Rental site clearly demonstrates the growing popularity and influence of virtual try-on technology in the fashion industry. As more customers experience the convenience and accuracy of trying on clothes virtually, it is expected that more retailers will adopt this technology to enhance the online shopping experience.

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