Digital wholesale platform JOOR has released its end-of-year round-up and trend predictions for 2022, highlighting the ongoing acceleration of digital adoption among brands and retailers. Despite the return of in-person markets and events, JOOR believes that digital B2B commerce will remain a crucial part of the fashion ecosystem, solidifying the hybrid model as a permanent fixture in the industry. With physical events making a comeback, the industry recognizes the value and efficiency of virtual selling and aims to maintain its reach through digital platforms. This sentiment is echoed by the British Fashion Council, which has confirmed that all three London Fashion Week events next year will be hybrid.

JOOR has also observed a significant increase in small businesses utilizing its platform. These businesses rely on JOOR to streamline their wholesale process, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. In response to this trend, JOOR plans to launch an improved Marketplace, featuring AI-powered search technology. This enhancement aims to simplify and expedite the product discovery process for businesses.

Furthermore, JOOR has experienced remarkable growth in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. APAC sales on the platform have tripled year-on-year, and Japan currently holds the largest market share, accounting for approximately 30% of the total. However, China is quickly gaining traction and exhibiting the fastest growth, positioning itself as the second-largest market. APAC-based brands have witnessed a 50% increase in orders and an 80% increase in product sales on the JOOR platform compared to 2020.

Sustainability emerges as a significant focus for retailers, as evidenced by the data on JOOR Passport. The sustainability category records 18% of clicks on all style stories across the platform’s 36 events this year. Recognizing the significance of providing information on product sustainability, JOOR aims to expand its efforts upstream and offer valuable data to retailers. This data will enable retailers to make informed purchasing decisions based on sustainability factors.

In summary, JOOR predicts that the hybrid model will continue to be a prominent feature in the fashion industry, supported by the ongoing acceleration of digital adoption. Joor’s platform has experienced increased usage by small businesses, prompting the development of an enhanced Marketplace. The APAC region, particularly Japan and China, is witnessing remarkable growth on JOOR. Finally, sustainability remains a top priority for retailers, and JOOR aims to provide them with valuable data to inform their sustainable purchasing decisions.

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