Joules, the popular clothing and lifestyle brand, is going through a relaunch following its acquisition by Next. The relaunch, originally planned for March 2024, has been accelerated and is now scheduled to take place in October of this year. This is due to the significant progress made by JoulesNext, the new owner, in reducing lead times for the delivery of the company’s Total Platform (TP) site.

The TP launch will be more extensive than initially envisioned, thanks to the advancements made by Next. In addition to the standard TP services like website development, warehousing, distribution, and customer contact center support, Joules will benefit from the utilization of other Next systems. These include product systems for efficient stock planning, budgeting, contract management, imports, and inbound administration. Leveraging these systems will enable Joules to take advantage of Next’s inbound freight and duty arrangements.

Despite Next’s majority ownership of 74%, Joules will retain its independence as a company, maintaining its own board and management team. Founder Tom Joule will lead the team, concentrating on product development, marketing, and brand expansion. Certain essential functions will remain under the exclusive management of the Joules team, such as design, buying, merchandising, branding, social media, website content, wholesale operations, and sales.

Next anticipates that the cost savings resulting from the transition to the TP platform will surpass the initial projections. However, this evolution will also lead to job losses for some Joules employees. Next is actively working with those affected to ensure they are given consideration for suitable positions within the company. Fortunately, the close proximity of the two companies’ head offices makes this process more convenient.

Joules’ senior management, product, and marketing teams will continue working from the brand’s existing offices, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining continuity. The relaunch under Next’s ownership offers Joules the opportunity to benefit from enhanced systems and services while still preserving its unique identity and independence.

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