Italian sportswear brand, K-Way, is excited to announce its partnership with the Orient Express team as the official outfitter for France’s next America’s Cup team. This prestigious sailing competition will be held in Barcelona next year. The collaboration between K-Way and the team pays tribute to the brand’s French roots and its founder, Léon-Claude Duhamel, who conceptualized K-Way in 1965. Under the ownership of Italian group BasicNet, K-Way has experienced a successful revitalization over the past decade.

K-Way’s collaboration with Paris’s Café de la Paix during Milan Fashion Week earlier this year laid the foundation for its partnership with the Orient Express team. This collaboration provided an opportunity for K-Way to tell its unique story and showcase its rich history, avoiding any sense of banality. The brand’s presence during fashion week events has proven to be advantageous in terms of visibility and attracting influential individuals such as buyers, influencers, celebrities, and the media.

Lorenzo Boglione, BasicNet’s vice-president and head of sales, believes that K-Way’s participation in fashion week aligns perfectly with their investments in the sporting world. The brand aims to combine a premium sporting image with style and design credibility, appealing to customers who appreciate vibrant and comfortable products. K-Way’s recent collaborations with the Alpine team in Formula 1 and its upcoming skiwear collection highlight its dedication to incorporating sports into its brand identity.

For the next America’s Cup, K-Way will provide the competition gear and formal outfits for the French sailing team. Additionally, BasicNet’s other brands, Sebago, Briko, and Kappa, will contribute by manufacturing footwear, protective equipment for athletes, and training apparel respectively. By engaging in high-profile sports and gaining visibility through partnerships with prestigious teams, K-Way aims to support its international expansion efforts.

In terms of retail expansion, K-Way has plans to open new stores and improve existing ones in Italy and France. The brand has already upgraded its Paris store, introducing a new interior concept that has been successful in other locations such as Verona and Bologna in Italy, as well as Tokyo and Hong Kong. Furthermore, K-Way is expanding its presence in Asia through partnerships with Bluebell and Translatio, allowing them to operate stores and concessions in major Chinese cities.

Looking ahead to 2023, K-Way acknowledges the cautiousness of consumers when it comes to shopping. However, the brand has managed to minimize price increases and has gained the trust of multibrand retailers. Direct retail will be a challenge, but K-Way aims to entice consumers to visit their physical stores through various strategies. The family-owned BasicNet is focused on maintaining a healthy business and aims to improve profitability in the future.

In 2022, BasicNet achieved a revenue of €1.2 billion with a net income of over €30 million. The group also possesses the capacity to acquire a new brand, but they are actively searching for one that aligns well with their portfolio and possesses a strong heritage. Overall, K-Way’s partnership with the Orient Express team and its continued brand development indicate a bright future for this sportswear label.

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