Lorenzo Boglione, the CEO of K-Way, has successfully revitalized the brand, transforming it into a worldwide sensation. Once considered outdated, K-Way has now become a must-have fashion label for trendsetters not only in Milan and Paris but also across the globe. The latest runway show, hosted at the company’s headquarters in BasicVillage, showcased a collection that highlighted geometric patterns, unique shapes, and vibrant primary colors.

The show incorporated various versions of K-Way’s Le Vrai 3.0 jackets, featuring long skirts, asymmetrical skirts paired with sporty pants and tops. The collection also included sustainable fur, adding a touch of luxury. Matelassé puffers in iridescent hues, along with padded jackets and bustiers, added both practicality and sensuality to the show. The event was accompanied by upbeat techno dance music, and it featured eye-catching inflated statues and coats created by artist Anna Franceschini, creating a visually stunning atmosphere.

BasicVillage, which is owned by BasicNet, K-Way’s parent company, played a vital role in the brand’s success. This expansive complex covers 4,000 square meters and includes an 800-square-meter showroom space. Additionally, it features a restaurant, craft beer brewery, and nine apartments designed to accommodate both customers and employees. Boglione believes that BasicVillage has contributed to strengthening the brand’s identity and fostering a sense of community.

Not limited to the world of fashion, K-Way is also collaborating with Orient Express for the America’s Cup. This partnership allows K-Way to showcase its windbreakers, specially designed for optimal performance in windy conditions. The America’s Cup, a renowned sailing event attracting global attention, offers K-Way a platform to emphasize its dedication to athleticism and excellence. As a sponsor and partner of a yacht in the race, K-Way highlights its commitment to promoting these values.

However, K-Way’s initiatives extend beyond the realm of fashion. The company is working with a visionary named Titouan Bernicot, dedicated to rebuilding coral barriers in the Pacific islands. K-Way has created a line of products to support and protect Bernicot and his team as they actively work to restore coral reefs. This collaboration serves as a testament to K-Way’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Although it is typically French groups that acquire and develop Italian brands, K-Way has managed to excel in this role reversal. The brand was acquired by an Italian company when it was nearly bankrupt. Since then, K-Way has experienced significant growth, particularly in Europe. Despite the complexities posed by Brexit, K-Way plans to open a store in London in the near future.

Looking ahead, K-Way aims to continue its global expansion. With projected revenues of €1.3 billion in 2023, the brand has proven its financial stability. As K-Way expands its presence and continues to innovate within the fashion industry, a bright future awaits.

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