Kanye West is reportedly taking steps to end his collaboration with Gap Inc, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. In a letter sent by West’s lawyers to the apparel chain, it was stated that Gap had violated their agreement by failing to fulfill their obligations, including the opening of retail stores and the release of promised clothing. Despite the termination of the partnership, Gap will be permitted to continue selling existing Yeezy Gap products until they exhaust their stock.

The relationship between West and Gap has been strained in recent times, with the rapper expressing his discontent on social media and even threatening to sever ties with the brand. Gap Inc has yet to respond to Reuters’ request for comment, and West’s representatives were unreachable for further information.

Unsurprisingly, this news has had an immediate impact on Gap’s stock, as it experienced a 4% drop to $9 in premarket trading. This partnership between West and Gap was established in 2020 with the goal of creating a clothing line under the Yeezy Gap brand, and was slated to last for a decade.

The repercussions of this termination are still uncertain for both parties involved. Gap will need to reassess their strategy for the Yeezy Gap brand, while West will have to explore alternative opportunities for his fashion ventures. This development may have significant implications for the future of both Gap and West’s clothing lines. Keep an eye out for further updates on this ongoing story.

For more information on the Kanye West-Gap partnership and its current state, you can visit the Wall Street Journal’s article here. Additionally, to understand Gap Inc’s perspective on the matter, you can visit their official website here.