Kerby Jean-Raymond and Kering have formed a partnership to create an innovative platform called Your Friends in New York (YFINY). This platform aims to empower young innovators by merging various aspects of culture such as fashion, music, art, philanthropy, and wellness. The goal is to revolutionize the way consumers discover and engage with brands, including Jean-Raymond’s own label Pyer Moss.

The idea for YFINY originated from a meeting between Jean-Raymond and François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering, in 2019. Originally set to launch in March 2020, the platform’s debut was postponed due to the global pandemic.

YFINY has the vision to create a forward-thinking initiative that involves the community and supports the growth of the fashion and art sectors. The platform will consist of various divisions, including a department for events and experiences, an incubator program, philanthropic initiatives, and a merchandise label. These divisions reflect Jean-Raymond’s diverse interests and his commitment to giving back.

Kerby Jean-Raymond, recognized as one of New York’s most exciting new designers, explained his motivation behind the platform, stating, “It is important to me to create ventures that look toward the future, involve the community, and continue to promote growth in the fashion and art industries.”

François-Henri Pinault praised Jean-Raymond’s unique perspective on creativity, innovation, business, and social issues, expressing Kering’s support for the project. He emphasized that it was natural for Kering to back a venture that seeks to empower new talents, encourage diverse creativity, and give a voice to the younger generation of innovators.

Even before its official launch, Your Friends in New York has already made a positive impact. In March 2020, Jean-Raymond personally made a donation as part of the platform’s mission to support marginalized communities affected by the pandemic. Kering also donated towards YFINY’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

Moving forward, the platform’s focus will be on providing mental health services to children and residents of public housing in local communities. Moreover, it will serve as the next evolution of the Pyer Moss fashion show.

The collaboration between Kerby Jean-Raymond and Kering through Your Friends in New York is an exciting venture that has the potential to reshape the fashion industry and empower emerging voices in the creative world. It will be interesting to see how this platform develops and the impact it will have on the industry.

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