Kering, the renowned French luxury giant, is placing a strong emphasis on digital innovation and technology as part of its growth strategy. Grégory Boutté, the chief client & digital officer of Kering, is playing a pivotal role in leading the company’s efforts in these areas. Recently, Boutté presented Kering’s digital objectives and plans for innovation to the business press at the company’s Imagination Lab, which serves as a hub for digital research and innovation.

To support its digital initiatives, Kering has constructed a spacious building in Paris that accommodates more than 200 employees. The building boasts open-space offices, meeting rooms, break rooms, and state-of-the-art conference rooms. Boutté emphasizes the significance of flexibility and collaboration in the workplace, allowing employees to reserve workspace via an app and work on-site three out of five days.

Boutté recognizes the vital role of digital solutions in engaging young consumers and capitalizing on the increasing influence of Chinese customers. Kering aims to enhance all aspects of the luxury market’s value chain through the implementation of digital and big data solutions, including e-commerce and product development. The company remains open to innovation and actively collaborates with start-ups to experiment with new technologies and ideas.

In the past, Boutté’s team has successfully taken charge of the e-commerce sites of Kering’s labels and conducted trials of projects like the Luce app, which improves inventory management and customer service. Nonetheless, not all ideas have yielded the desired outcomes, such as a plan to create a relaxing sensory experience for users. Nevertheless, Kering remains committed to exploring new business models, including the resale market, subscription-based consumption, and the utilization of cryptocurrencies.

Boutté firmly believes that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and sees potential in utilizing them as a payment method for luxury goods. Kering has already introduced cryptocurrency payments at Gucci and aims to learn from the initial test before expanding its implementation further. The company also acknowledges the potential of NFTs and Web3 in determining product authenticity, ownership, and rarity. Boutté believes that these technologies align with luxury values and could open doors to new product lines.

In order to stay connected with the latest developments and trends in the luxury sector, Kering has strategically invested in companies like Vestiaire Collective, Vitrolab, and NTWRK. The company is also actively involved in scouting for startups in China and has established an educational initiative called ‘NFT Serious Game’ to train employees in digital solutions. Boutté emphasizes the importance of involving the entire organization in fostering innovation.

With its strong focus on digital innovation and technology, Kering aims to maintain its leadership position in the luxury market and deliver exceptional experiences for its customers. By embracing new technologies and collaborating with start-ups, the company is positioning itself for long-term success in the digital era.

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