Marco Capaldo’s 16Arlington has undeniably become a mainstay in the international party scene, capturing the essence of sophistication and making bold statements in women’s fashion, much to the delight of “it” girls worldwide. However, the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, aptly titled “There is no such thing as a bad coincidence,” goes beyond the expected. It unfurls a narrative of unabashed glamour and the thrill of the unexpected.

This season, 16Arlington paints a vivid picture of freedom by drawing inspiration from the exhilaration of driving down London’s bustling highways, pushing the accelerator to its limits under the luminous moonlight. The show’s notes eloquently describe this sentiment, stating, “It’s the freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel and just driving. That sense of potential, of escape. That you can go anywhere, be anyone.”

Grace Valentine for 16Arlington Spring Summer 2024 Collection – photo courtesy of the brand
Precious Lee at 16Arlington – Photo courtesy of the brand

One of the remarkable aspects of this collection is its audacious reinterpretation of British fashion archetypes. 16Arlington boldly rewrites the style rules, taking cues from anonymous figures encountered on the city’s streets. The result is a luxurious illusion, brimming with fantasy. Twinkle-filled sequins are ingeniously transformed into hexagonal latex, adorning semi-translucent maxi dresses, tank tops, and skirts.

The feathered frocks, a signature of 16Arlington, are an enchanting surprise concealed beneath plush knitwear, cinched together by chic leather clutch bags. Each garment proudly flaunts factory-inspired tags, meticulously printed with coded metaphors, adding a layer of intrigue and storytelling to the collection. Plastic-molded dresses share the stage with graceful ostrich plumes, creating a mesmerizing interplay with the body’s natural proportions, seen in the angular coats and inflated leather dresses.

Top model Adwoa Aboah walking for 16Arlington – Photo courtesy of the brand
Model Celeste Fitzpatrick walking for 16Arlington – Photo courtesy of the brand

In a departure from the brand’s core women’s fashion, 16Arlington’s foray into menswear for SS24 is sleek and elegantly understated. Tailored for cosmopolitan men navigating the bustling city, the collection introduces strapped duffle bags, ideal for swift getaways. Men don formal white shirting layered with textured T-shirts and work-ready trousers, while others sport supple leather bombers. Cozy crewnecks and buttoned knitwear with exaggerated collars complete the looks, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to urban sophistication.

16Arlington’s SS24 collection is a testament to unapologetic glamour, a celebration of freedom, and a reimagining of British fashion norms. With its dazzling sequins, inventive latex creations, and captivating details, the brand continues to push boundaries. It captures the hearts of fashion aficionados, setting trends that redefine contemporary style. In a world of fashion where predictability often reigns, 16Arlington invites us to embrace the unexpected, the luxurious, and the thrilling.

Designer: Marco Capaldo

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Julia Sarr-Jamois

Hair Stylist: Sam McKnight

Makeup Artist: Lauren Parsons

Casting Director: Shelley Durkan

Manicurist: Sylvie Macmillan

Models: Abdulsalam AdeigbeAchol AyorAdwoa AboahAfrica GarciaAgel AkolAna PortelaAna Elisa BritoAnipha UmufiteAnnie ArnanderBen HawkinsCarliane PaixaoCeleste FitzpatrickEdna KaribwamiEmily SturgessFinlay RobinsonGaye SerigneGrace ValentineHuijia ChenJacey PhilanaJennifer MatiasJoan MariaKerolyn SoaresLaura ReyesLouise RobertNyaduola GabrielNyakier BuongNyakong ChanPrecious LeeSara CaballeroShuqi LanSien van den BrandeTinglei LiuUgbad Wang FeiYilan Hua