The Alaïa summer-spring 2024 fashion extravaganza is creating waves in the world of high fashion. As Paris becomes the epicenter of the global fashion elite, Belgian visionary Pieter Mulier seizes the opportunity to unveil a collection that not only showcases his exceptional tailoring skills but also reimagines the boundaries of couture with a masterful use of Merino wool, the undisputed star of the show.

From the very outset of the runway spectacle, a captivating theme unfolds as a series of long-sleeved dresses and roll-necked ensembles take center stage. At the heart of this sartorial journey lies the versatile and luxurious Merino wool, which imparts a bold, larger-than-life quality to a delicate, powdery pink coat, and gives the models an ethereal, cloud-like appearance in other garments.

Pieter Mulier himself articulated the significance of this choice of material, stating, “For more than a year, we’ve been meticulously crafting the fabrics for this collection. Every piece revolves around the Merino wool thread, which has been continuously reinvented through our enduring collaboration with textile and knitting suppliers spanning four decades.”

The summer-autumn 2024 collection weaves a seamless narrative of lightness and transparency. Denim emerges as an unexpected but welcome addition, adorning wide-cut trousers that exude a sense of relaxed sophistication. In characteristic fashion, Pieter Mulier strives to redefine sensuality in fashion, allowing the human form to be unveiled through the sheer elegance of long, pristine white dresses and flowing violet ensembles with gentle drapery.

Turning our attention to accessories, the Belgian maestro, renowned for dressing Rihanna at the 2023 Super Bowl, presents leather handbags worn gracefully under the arm. These are complemented by chunky bracelets, available in both gold and silver, boasting distinctive jagged or rounded contours that complete the monochromatic looks with finesse.

As a final flourish, the color palette unveiled for the summer-autumn 2024 collection explodes with vibrancy. Shades of sky blue, pale yellow, fiery carmine red, and a kaleidoscope of other bold colors take the spotlight. This dramatic shift in color signals a dynamic evolution in Pieter Mulier’s creative journey, capturing the essence of a designer who consistently pushes the boundaries of fashion innovation.

The collection not only celebrates Merino wool’s unique versatility but also cements Pieter Mulier’s status as a trailblazer in the fashion industry. His commitment to reinvention, sensuality, and bold exploration is evident in every stitch, fabric choice, and color palette. As the haute couture world eagerly embraces the Alaïa summer-autumn 2024 collection, it’s clear that Merino wool has never been sexier, and Pieter Mulier’s creative genius knows no bounds.

Creative Director: Pieter Mulier

Hair Stylist: Duffy

Makeup Artist: Pat McGrath

Casting Director: Ashley Brokaw

Models: Alaato JazyperAli DanskyAlix BouthorsAmelia GrayAmérica GonzálezAmira Al ZuhairAngelina KendallAnnemary AderibigbeApolline Rocco FohrerCanlan WangChloe OhDiane ChiuElise KouzouFarah NieuwburgFelice Nova NoordhoffHe CongIda HeinerIran Jeanne CadieuJennifer MatiasJulia NobisLiisa WinklerLoli BahiaLulu TenneyMariacarla BosconoMariam de VinzelleMika SchneiderMona TougaardNatasha PolyNikki VrekicNyaduola GabrielRaynara NegrineRayssa MedeirosRianne Van RompaeyRosalieke FuchsSacha QuenbySara CaballeroSascha RajasaluSunira Da SilvaVika EvseevaYing Ouyang