Chanel’s haute couture spring-summer 2024 exhibition has undoubtedly emerged as a tour de force, epitomizing the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship while underlining its unwavering commitment to artistic innovation and creative collaboration.

This season, Chanel found inspiration in the realm of dance and ballet, a theme that resonates profoundly with the brand’s storied history and its enduring partnership with the Paris Opera since 2018. The collection, a breathtaking balletic ode, unveiled a series of ethereal silhouettes, evoking memories of tutus and dance costumes, gracefully layered over white leotards and tights.

Virginie Viard, Chanel’s Creative Director, shared her profound connection to this theme, stating, “Dance frequently occupies my thoughts; it holds significant importance for Chanel. The House maintains close ties with institutions, choreographers, and dancers, and we have had the privilege of crafting costumes for ballet. In this collection, I sought to fuse the strength and delicacy inherent in both the human form and the garments themselves, culminating in an exceptionally lightweight collection characterized by the presence of tulle, cascading ruffles, painstakingly crafted pleats, and intricate lacework.”

The anticipation surrounding the show was accompanied by an intriguing guessing game orchestrated by Chanel, prompting fashion enthusiasts to speculate about the show’s inspirations through cryptic videos and enigmatic photographs. Following in the footsteps of Xavier Veilhan and Sofia Coppola, American director and producer Dave Free assumed the creative mantle, crafting the teaser for Chanel’s haute couture spring-summer 2024 presentation.

Produced by pgLang, the creative agency co-founded by Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar in 2020, the video took on the form of an imaginative narrative, imbued with hints of an initiation ritual. In this captivating tale, the iconic Chanel button assumed a central role, symbolizing tradition and transition.

Adding an enchanting auditory dimension to the project, Kendrick Lamar, the renowned rapper and musician, composed the music that served as the backdrop for both the teaser and the runway show. This collaboration marked Kendrick Lamar’s triumphant return to the limelight after a hiatus of nearly two years since the release of his last album, “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.” In retrospect, his front-row presence at the haute couture show in July 2023 hinted at the exciting partnership that was yet to be unveiled.

In response to Virginie Viard’s invitation, Kendrick Lamar and his creative collaborator, Dave Free, embarked on a mesmerizing journey into the world of Chanel Haute Couture. Together, they wove a narrative that revolved around the profound themes of time and heritage, a story that pgLang shared with the world on their official platform.

The visually enchanting video, spanning just over three minutes, chronicles the enchanting odyssey of Margaret Qualley, who also had the distinguished honor of opening the haute couture presentation. Her quest unfolds whimsically as she embarks on a search for a missing Chanel button, a precious detail gracing the hem of her pristine white tweed jacket. During this picturesque adventure, the American actress encounters two iconic figures: supermodel Naomi Campbell and esteemed French actress Anna Mouglalis, both of whom serve as distinguished ambassadors for the maison.

Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar eloquently expressed their perspective on imperfections, emphasizing that “each imperfection possesses a unique narrative, patiently awaiting someone to inscribe a fresh chapter in its story.” Yet, in the realm of haute couture, one might ponder whether true imperfection even has a place.

Chanel’s haute couture spring-summer 2024 show was not merely a celebration of fashion’s artistry; it was a testament to the power of creative cooperation, where music, dance, and storytelling seamlessly converged, offering an unforgettable and indelible experience on the runway. It showcased a brand that consistently pushes the boundaries of creative innovation and craftsmanship, leaving an indelible mark on the world of high fashion.

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Designer: Virginie Viard

Hair Stylist: James Pecis

Makeup Artist: Lisa Butler

Casting Director: Aurelie Duclos

Actor: Margaret Qualley

Models: Achol AyorAkon ChangkouAlaato JazyperAlice CharvetAlice McGrathAlix BouthorsAmar AkwayAmelia GrayAmérica GonzálezAngelina KendallAnnie ArnanderAnouk SmitsAnyier AneiApolline Rocco FohrerAwar OdhiangBibi BreslinCamilla OrnerDana SmithElla MccutcheonEvie HarrisFelice Nova NoordhoffGiselle NormanGreta BultmannHe CongHyunji ShinIda HeinerKate KraaijeveldKateryna ZubKim SchellLibby BennettLilou HerveLoli BahiaLouise RobertLulu TenneyMaike IngaMathilde HenningMatilde GiannettiMerlijne SchorrenMona TougaardNikki VrekicNora AttalNyaduola GabrielQianxia YeRachel MarxRianne Van RompaeyRosalieke FuchsRoxane MarieSara CaballeroSara Grace WallerstedtTara FallaTara HalliwellTinglei LiuVivienne RohnerXu WeiYilan Hua