The Chanel Spring-Summer 2024 runway show stands as a remarkable ode to motion and liberation. Virginie Viard, the creative visionary behind Chanel, finds inspiration in the rationalism and modernist architecture of Villa Noailles. Perched elegantly on the hills of Hyères along the French Riviera, this historic residence was designed in 1923 by the renowned architect Robert Mallet-Stevens. The villa, with its splendid terraced gardens, becomes a profound muse for Viard’s latest collection.

Drawing from the checkered patterns and the meticulously laid-out flowerbeds of Villa Noailles, Viard crafts a collection that seamlessly translates these influences into her designs through patchwork, stripes, and grids. Her creative endeavor is driven by the desire to capture the luminous and idyllic ambiance that once graced this iconic location. Villa Noailles hosted some of the most influential artists of its era, including luminaries like Alberto Giacometti, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, and Luis Buñuel. As Viard puts it, this collection is “an anthem to freedom and movement.”

This collection embodies elegance and carefreeness, presenting a jubilation of color, asymmetry, and geometric motifs that infuse a sense of lightness and euphoria into fashion. The timeless maritime stripes, fondly cherished by Gabrielle Chanel herself, take center stage. They radiate a sporty chic attitude on long-sleeved tops, adorned with sequin-embroidered collars. Additionally, multicolored sponge suits take on a playful reinterpretation of Chanel’s classic codes.

Tweed remains a steadfast protagonist, featuring in a variety of forms, from vibrant checkered patterns to classic black, white, or pink hues. It adorns kimono jackets, midi skirts, suits, and minidresses. Viard masterfully juxtaposes contrasting materials, introducing denim and black organza dresses. These see-through creations, transparent and feather-light, are layered with slip dresses, skirts, and bras, resulting in ensembles that emphasize both movement and a beguiling sensuality.

The overarching theme of this collection is one of nonchalance and liberation, staying true to the core DNA of the Chanel brand. Chanel women saunter with hands casually tucked into pockets, sporting elasticized garments free of straps and linings, embodying a spirit of liberation and weightlessness. This collection is a resounding celebration of motion in all its forms.

Even the footwear encapsulates this spirit of unbridled freedom. In contrast to towering and impractical heels, Viard introduces ultra-flat ballet flats reminiscent of those worn by the indomitable Mademoiselle Chanel herself. This delightful adaptation, bearing the iconic double C logo, is poised to become a fashion staple, an enduring symbol of desire, cherished yesterday, embraced today, and eagerly anticipated tomorrow.

Chanel SS24 is a collection that invokes the sensation of warm sun kissing the skin, the pure joy of unhurried summers, and the yearning for a life lived outdoors. It represents a harmonious blend of elegance and informality, a reminder that in a world that often reveres perfection and rigidity, true beauty and liberation can be found in movement, freedom, and embracing the present moment.

In each ensemble, an array of accessories was meticulously layered: sunglasses, strings of pearls creatively donned as necklaces or used as belts, stylish cuffs, and a plethora of delicate gold chains. It’s truly remarkable how this abundance of adornments managed to avoid the ’80s excess famously associated with Karl Lagerfeld. The distinctive approach taken by Virginie Viard towards jewelry is to refine it, imbuing it with an almost minimalist quality—much closer to the way contemporary women adorn themselves with ‘personal’ talismans and mementos, reminiscent of cherished keepsakes.

Virginie Viard’s collection pays a heartfelt tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s profound passion for photography. As a nod to Lagerfeld’s iconic photo essay at the Villa Noailles, Viard incorporated Chanel camera bags into the ensemble of accessories. The geometric allure of the villa’s Cubist gardens served as the wellspring of inspiration, with checkerboard patchwork patterns and artfully stepped hemlines on pencil skirts.

A subtle touch of Art Deco-era elegance made its presence known through a triangular cut-out necklace worn by none other than Gigi Hadid. As she confidently graced the runway in a black lamé wide-legged pajama suit, the necklace evoked a sense of the 1920s, earning admiration from fashion historians. Yet, it effortlessly resonated with contemporary fashion, effortlessly marrying the charm of the past with the spirit of the present.

Designer: Virginie Viard

Hair Stylist: James Pecis

Makeup Artist: Lisa Butler

Casting Director: Aurelie Duclos

Models: Abby ChampionAdele AldighieriAdut AkechAivita MūzeAlaato JazyperAlice CharvetAmar AkwayAmelia GrayAmérica GonzálezAngelina KendallAnnie ArnanderAnok YaiAnouk SmitsApolline Rocco FohrerCamilla OrnerCapucine ClowesDana SmithElla MccutcheonFelice Nova NoordhoffGesa PassmannGifty EmmanuelGigi HadidGiselle NormanGrace BreuningGrace ElizabethGreta BultmannHe CongHejia LiHyunji ShinIda HeinerJade NguyenJill KortleveKarolina SpakowskiKiki WillemsKim SchellLily Vander MeedenLindsey LenoardLiu WenLoli BahiaLouise RobertLulu TenneyMahany PeryMariam de VinzelleMartina BergaminiMathilda GvarlianiMathilde HenningMerlijne SchorrenMica ArgañarazMona TougaardNora AttalOlivia JonaszOlivia PalermoOlivia VintenQuannah ChasinghorseQun YeRachel MarxRebecca Leigh LongendykeRianne Van RompaeyRosalieke FuchsSam CaseSara CaballeroSara Grace WallerstedtSaunders Tara FallaTinglei LiuVika EvseevaVittoria CerettiVivienne RohnerYilan HuaYoonmi Sun

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