As the sun dipped below the horizon on September 27th, Courrèges, a fashion powerhouse, illuminated the third day of Fashion Week with an unforgettable spectacle. Urban cowgirl silhouettes graced a runway inspired by the vastness of the desert. This event wasn’t just a runway show; it was an ode to empowered femininity, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of fashion.

The SS24 Courrèges show unfurled against the backdrop of a captivating narrative spun by Nicolas Di Felice, the visionary artistic director behind the brand. The tale was one of transformation, where a university-educated woman embarked on a road trip, gradually shedding societal constraints as she journeyed deeper into the enigmatic desert. Her adventure culminated in the discovery of a clandestine cult led by enigmatic nuns. The runway teaser set the stage for this intriguing narrative, featuring a windswept expanse of pristine sand and a hauntingly beautiful whistled melody, reminiscent of Ennio Morricone’s iconic compositions.

As models strode with unwavering determination, their footfalls echoed like cracks in the arid desert floor. They effortlessly filled the space with their audacious urban cowgirl ensembles, which not only showcased the bold minimalism of next summer’s fashion but also carried the spirit of exploration and transformation.

Revolutionizing the Western Trend: Modern Minimalism

Nicolas Di Felice’s genius shone through as he reimagined the Western aesthetic, a trend once revived in the early 2010s, into a contemporary, minimalist, and irresistibly alluring version. The runway bore witness to thigh-high boots that evoked strength, dust coats adorned with strategically placed zippers that added a touch of mystery, and leather pants embellished with equestrian-inspired straps that exuded confidence. Di Felice ingeniously reinterpreted the attire of outlaw men, tailoring it to empower confident women.

The Versatile Oversized Shirt: Epitome of Minimalist Chic

A standout piece of Courrèges’ Spring-Summer 2024 collection was the oversized shirt, an emblematic masterpiece that embodied the essence of minimalism. These long, striped shirts, adorned with mesmerizing sleeve and drape effects, drew inspiration from classic cowboy attire. Their pointed collars gracefully framed the shoulders, allowing for a seamless transition from day dresses to bodysuits. Presented predominantly in pristine white shades, Courrèges boldly embraced minimalism and played with the structural elements of these iconic pieces.

Resurrecting Flared Pants: A Vintage Revival

The iconic flared pants of the 1960s and 1970s found new life within Courrèges’ stylistic repertoire. Supple and seductive, these pants featured daring knee-high cuts and arrived in unconventional materials such as leather and vinyl. Some models even dared to pair them beneath tunics and long jackets, reviving the beloved skirt-over-pants trend of the 2000s.

Elevating Flip-Flops: From Beach to Nighttime Elegance

The unassuming flip-flop underwent a remarkable transformation within Courrèges’ creative cauldron. Coveted materials, ultra-thin straps, and artfully rounded heels elevated this beach staple to the realm of nighttime elegance. As they gracefully tread the pavement, the flip-flops seemed to crack the earth underfoot, embodying Courrèges’ spirit of unceasing innovation.

The Innovative Split-Top Revelation

Gone are the days of cropped tops that barely hinted at skin or cleavage. Next summer, the midriff takes center stage, courtesy of a daring vertical zipper slit. This tantalizing feature graced not only Lycra tops but also dresses and blouses, evoking sensuality and unapologetic boldness. It serves as a testament to Courrèges’ historical commitment to emancipate women through avant-garde fashion.

Courrèges’ SS24 collection is a mesmerizing fusion of Western-inspired fashion and the enigmatic allure of lunar geometry. From fearless urban cowgirl silhouettes to the innovative use of zippers and geometric patterns, Nicolas Di Felice continues to push the boundaries of fashion. This collection isn’t just about clothing; it’s an exploration of transformation and empowerment, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of style. Whether you seek a contemporary spin on Western aesthetics or an entrancing journey into the world of lunar geometry, Courrèges’ Spring-Summer 2024 collection is an unparalleled adventure for every fashion aficionado. It’s a frontier where the old meets the new, and where fashion boldly charts its course into uncharted territory.

Designer: Nicolas Di Felice

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Marie Chaix

Hair Stylist: Duffy

Makeup Artist: Diane Kendal

Casting Director: Piergiorgio Del Moro

Manicurist: Cam Tran

Models: Adele AldighieriAmelia GrayAmina AhmedAngelina KendallAnne-Catherine LacroixAnnemary AderibigbeAnnie ArnanderAnok YaiApolline Rocco FohrerAvanti NagrathBrandy SaranteCamilla OrnerCapucine ClowesChaima AmezianeDeva CasselElla MccutcheonFarah NieuwburgGrace ValentineHe CongIda HeinerJeanne CadieuJulia NobisKarolina SpakowskiLakshmi MenonLily Vander MeedenLoli BahiaLulu TenneyMalika LoubackMona TougaardNatasa VojnovicNora AttalOlivia JonaszRachel MarxRebecca Leigh LongendykeSacha QuenbySam CaseSascha RajasaluSun MizrahiTinglei LiuVittoria CerettiXu WeiYing OuyangZoe Osmond