Amid the illustrious lineup of Paris Fashion Week, Hermès took the stage to unveil its much-anticipated Spring/Summer 2024 women’s collection. The runway’s enchanting backdrop transported onlookers to a realm suffused with nostalgia and romance, adorned with an abundant profusion of flowers and verdant plants.

This picturesque setting evoked the serene beauty of the French countryside, where the hallowed grounds of Hermès’ leather workshops are nestled. For Hermès, the upcoming spring season unfolds under the banner of “quiet luxury,” epitomized by contemporary, distinctly feminine silhouettes set against a subdued color palette that gracefully intertwines shades of noir, icy blues, taupe, and the warm, inviting tones of brick.

The runway commenced its poetic journey with the unveiling of high-waisted, ankle-length skirts, elegantly paired with delicate bralettes. These pieces, meticulously crafted in supple leather and breathable cotton fabrics, were cinched at the waist by slender belts adorned with dainty circular buckles. This recurring circular motif subtly wove its way into the collection’s accessories, where minimalism reigned supreme. Circular earrings and impeccably rigid necklaces offered a delicate counterpoint to the intricate patterns and tactile textures found throughout the garments.

Outerwear choices underscored the timeless allure of trench coats, elevated with leather panels that served a dual purpose. Not only did these panels define pockets, but they also played an instrumental role in creating a sophisticated cinched-waist effect. Alongside these trench coats, voluminous outerwear garments with sinuous lines graced the runway, embodying an understated grace that spoke to the collection’s overall aesthetic.

The collection seamlessly transitioned to tailored pieces, from impeccably cut suits to short-sleeved shirts and high-waisted shorts. Each ensemble retained an inviting softness and a relaxed allure, a testament to Hermès’ mastery of comfort and style. In stark contrast, knitted garments demanded attention with their snug, form-fitting designs. Crop tops and ribbed culottes epitomized a harmonious fusion of comfort and style, while midi dresses displayed strategic cut-outs accentuated by sleek zippers.

Throughout the collection, leather emerged as a recurring and influential element. It made a bold statement in total looks, which included impeccably tailored shirts, vests, mini-dresses featuring alluring diagonal cutouts, and loose-fitting trousers that exuded an effortless sophistication, offering a tasteful nod to the brand’s leather heritage.

Handbags took center stage, with the iconic Birkin in its generous form gracing the runway. Within other medium and oversized models, graceful branches and wildflowers emerged, seamlessly transforming into loyal accessories that breathed life into the Hermès runway.

One of the collection’s most notable aspects was its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Hermès ensured that all the flora showcased on the runway would be thoughtfully replanted, underscoring its dedication to nature conservation and the principles of circular fashion. In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, Hermès SS24 stands as an exemplar of fashion’s ability to harmoniously coexist with the environment.

Hermès SS24 is more than a collection; it is a harmonious fusion of luxury and nature-inspired elegance, inviting us to savor the tranquility of quiet luxury while embracing the beauty and serenity of the natural world.

Designer: Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski

Models: Abby ChampionAgel AkolAivita MūzeAlaato JazyperAli DanskyAlix BouthorsAmanda MurphyAmérica GonzálezAngelina KendallAnnemary AderibigbeAnok YaiAnouk SmitsApolline Rocco FohrerAtem BolAvanti NagrathAwar OdhiangChloe OhChu WongDana SmithElla MccutcheonFarah NieuwburgFatou SeckFelice Nova NoordhoffFenne TalensGrace ElizabethGrace ValentineGreta CarnbringHaojie QiHejia LiHuijia ChenJi ShuyanKarolina SpakowskiKiki WillemsLakshmi MenonLaura ReyesLina ZhangLineisy MonteroLulu TenneyMajda John PeterMalika LoubackMarfa ManakhMarte Mei van HaasterMatea BrakusMatilde de NardMauve DupuyMika SchneiderMila van EetenNyaduola GabrielNyawurh ChuolPenelope TernesRachel MarxRejoice ChuolSacha QuenbySara CaballeroShivaruby Sihana ShalajSora ChoiSun MizrahiTanya ChurbanovaTess BreedenVictoria FawoleVika EvseevaVilma SjöbergVivienne RohnerYilan Hua