In a remarkable fashion spectacle that took the world by storm, Jacquemus unveiled its highly-anticipated Spring-Summer 2024 collection, aptly named “Les Sculptures.” The Fondation Maeght in the picturesque Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France, served as the magnificent backdrop for this extraordinary event. But this runway show was more than just a fashion presentation; it was an exquisite fusion of art, style, and star power that will be remembered for years to come.

The anticipation for “Les Sculptures” began with a captivating teaser campaign on Instagram, where six iconic pieces from the collection were tantalizingly revealed. Accessories like the resplendent “Nodi” gold bracelet and the meticulously crafted “The Vanito” handbag were elevated to the status of museum-worthy treasures. Even the illustrious Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, exuding grace and elegance, found herself seated alongside the charismatic rapper Jack Harlow in coordinating black-and-white ensembles. Roberts stunned in a captivating structural coat dress and stilettos, while Harlow showcased his unique style in a pinstripe shirt and trousers. Adding an extra layer of glamour to the front row, British Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Edwards Enninful, joined this star-studded trio.

But the star power didn’t end there. The ever-charming Kristin Davis graced the front row, radiating positivity in a head-to-toe pastel yellow ensemble that would have made her beloved character Charlotte York very proud. Her look was a meticulously layered monochromatic delight, complemented by a matching top handle bag—a true embodiment of elegance.

As the runway show commenced, the spotlight shifted to the runway itself, where supermodel Gigi Hadid made a grand entrance. Dressed in a striking beige statement coat with an awe-inspiring silhouette, Gigi embraced a “no makeup” makeup look that allowed her natural beauty to shine through, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the collection.

However, Gigi’s entrance was just the beginning. The fashion maven Kylie Jenner, never one to shy away from making a statement, arrived in a fiery red fitted mini dress adorned with a chiffon overlay gracefully draped across the chest and neckline—a creation from Jacquemus’s new collection. She completed the monochromatic look with metallic ruby slingback heels and a purse that perfectly matched her attire.

Adding to the star-studded allure, Kylie Jenner brought her adorable daughter, Stormi, age 5, to the front row, doubling the glam and star power. After a whirlwind Paris Fashion Week experience, including Stormi’s much-anticipated debut, the mother-daughter duo continued their sartorial escapade. Stormi, being the mini-fashionista she is, donned an adorable preppy red outfit that harmonized beautifully with her mother’s ensemble.

The runway itself was a sight to behold, featuring models gracing it with poise and grace, clad in garments that effortlessly embodied the sculptural theme of the collection. The color palette, while understated, resonated with timeless elegance, featuring shades of creams, black, gray, and punctuated by striking accents of red. Silhouettes showcased pronounced and rounded shoulders, artfully juxtaposed with an intriguing blend of casual comfort and geometric precision. Jacquemus’s distinctive whimsical charm was evident in the details, with playful elements such as ostrich feathers adorning suits, daring animal print fabrics, and meticulously crafted embossed leather ensembles. Waistbands extended into graceful circular discs, elegantly enveloping the wearer’s form, while collars and lapels were creatively stretched and repositioned—a masterclass in sartorial creativity.

While the garments may not have indulged in the same fantastical or vibrant palettes as previous collections, they were a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to exquisitely tailored and refined luxury. This is what Jacquemus aptly described as “pop-luxury”—an exquisite fusion of luxury sensibilities with the inimitable spirit and humor that define the brand.

Jacquemus has consistently excelled in creating beautifully crafted, commercially appealing ready-to-wear pieces, and this collection was no exception. As the brand stated on Instagram, “this collection is all about the products.” Jacquemus meticulously curated a collection that harmoniously converged with the realm of sculpture. The Spring-Summer 2024 collection by Jacquemus reverberated with an emphasis on form and dimension, cleverly merging the brand’s playful ethos with a more refined and structured silhouette, transcending mere fashion to become a true work of art in its own right.

In essence, “Les Sculptures” was not just a fashion show; it was a cultural phenomenon, an amalgamation of style, art, and celebrity. It showcased the eclectic blend of celebrities and style aficionados that Jacquemus continues to draw into its orbit. This runway extravaganza was a testament to the brand’s ability to seamlessly merge the worlds of fashion, art, and entertainment, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. With each stunning creation and each star-studded moment, Jacquemus proved once again that fashion is not just about what you wear; it’s about the artistry, the experiences, and the stories woven into every piece. In “Les Sculptures,” Jacquemus carved a masterpiece that will resonate for years to come, a true testament to the enduring allure of the brand.

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Designer: Simon Porte Jacquemus

Hair Stylist: Cyndia Harvey

Makeup Artist: Lauren Parsons

Casting Directors: Giulia MassulloPiergiorgio Del Moro

Manicurist: Cam Tran

Producer: Alexandre de Betak

Models: Alaato JazyperAlejo HumanesAmanda MurphyAmelia GrayAndreea DiaconuAngelina KendallAshley RadjarameAwar OdhiangBibi BreslinChanupa AmarasingheDara GueyeDeva CasselDevyn GarciaElla MccutcheonEmily RatajkowskiFatou DiawaraFrederikke SofieGigi HadidHaroon SherzadHe CongHedi Ben TekayaHyunji ShinIda HeinerImaan HammamJeanne CadieuJessie AinaJonas GlöerKarolina SpakowskiKit ButlerLina ZhangMalick BodianMamuor MajengMica ArgañarazMona TougaardNoah TumataroaNyaduola GabrielRaynara NegrineRebecca Leigh LongendykeRuben MoreiraSanggun LeeSijia KangSimon NessmanSun MizrahiUnai BartraVittoria CerettiXiangyu Li