As New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 wraps up and fashion enthusiasts prepare for the next round of shows in London, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the trends that emerged from the bustling streets of the Big Apple. With a staggering number of designers showcasing their collections, including both established names and up-and-coming talents, New York Fashion Week provided a captivating glimpse into the future of fashion.

One of the standout trends that caught everyone’s attention was a departure from the quiet-luxury aesthetic that has long dominated the industry. Brands like COS and Willy Chavarria boldly embraced unconventional silhouettes and dazzling textiles, breaking free from the confines of understated luxury. Dion Lee and Private Policy, on the other hand, showcased sophisticated interpretations of workwear, injecting fresh life and creativity into traditional office attire.

Another trend that made waves on the runways was the prominence of transparency. Sheer fabrics, particularly in men’s shirting, were featured in numerous collections. Designers like LaQuan Smith and Palomo Spain skillfully incorporated see-through elements into their designs, revealing glimpses of skin and captivating the audience’s attention. Eckhaus Latta also experimented with the concept of sheerness, playing with transparent and opaque sections in their button-down shirts to create a sense of intrigue.

High hemlines took center stage as well, with short shorts making a bold statement. AKNVAS, LaQuan Smith, Gypsy Sport, and LUAR all embraced thigh-baring shorts in various fabrics and vibrant colors, exuding a sense of playfulness and adventure that is perfect for the warmer months. This trend adds a refreshing touch to the collections and invites fashion enthusiasts to explore new and exciting styles.

Moreover, regal formalwear became a prevalent theme during New York Fashion Week. Brands like Advisry and Palomo Spain presented garments fit for royalty, with elevated tweed suits, corsets-turned-shirts, and enchanting feathered headpieces. Tanner Fletcher drew inspiration from past decades and showcased crown-worthy pieces featuring shiny lapels and intricate floral graphics. Collina Strada added a touch of elegance with silky, lace-covered suiting, exuding a sense of timeless sophistication.

All in all, New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 acted as a platform for designers to rewrite the fashion codes and present fresh perspectives on what is to come. From bold luxury to see-through shirts and playful short shorts, the trends displayed on the runways offer a tantalizing glimpse into an exciting and ever-evolving future for fashion.

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