The Prada Men’s Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 runway show in Milan took center stage with its extraordinary take on office wear, defying expectations and leaving a lasting impression amidst the bustling Fashion Week.

A Visionary Set Design

What immediately captivated the audience was the ingenious set designed by AMO, Rem Koolhaas’s renowned agency. It artfully merged nature with the aesthetics of the corporate world, creating a visually stunning juxtaposition. The transparent glass runway showcased a thriving ecosystem of vibrant moss and polished pebbles, while ergonomic office chairs, reminiscent of bustling open-plan workspaces, offered guests comfortable seating.

Office Wear, Reimagined

The central theme of the show was officewear, and it pervaded every facet of Prada’s collection. This new approach to winter attire is centered around minimalism, focusing on clean lines and uncluttered designs. Gone are the distractions of intricate details; instead, the collection relies on a striking use of color to breathe life into the garments.

In a display of classic sophistication with a twist, Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada unveiled an array of suits, each drenched in a spectrum of pop-inspired hues. These were complemented by double-breasted overcoats and statement pieces, such as rich brown leather coats adorned with faux fur collars, paired audaciously with vibrant red tuxedo pants.

A Splash of Playfulness

But there was a delightful surprise in store. Prada ingeniously incorporated swimwear elements into their Fall-Winter 2024-2025 collection, adding a playful touch to the lineup. The Prada man, always on the move, transitions seamlessly from a morning meeting at ten o’clock to a swim class at eleven, and there’s no time for a costume change. Instead, they elevate their look with eye-catching swimming caps that seamlessly integrate with their attire.

Imagine crisp shirts and elegant ties paired with bold, snug-fitting red swim caps. Further down the runway, models donned diving goggles to enhance their ensembles, consisting of sleek coats and suits. Some even confidently sported captain’s cruise hats. Prada’s collection, in essence, infuses a dose of imagination and spontaneity into the winter season, enticing us with a delightful fusion of formal and playful.

A Modern, Dynamic Man

In summary, Prada’s Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 collection redefines not only the concept of office wear but also showcases the brand’s innate ability to blend contrasting elements seamlessly. With this collection, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons continue to push the boundaries of fashion, offering a fresh perspective that challenges conventions and rekindles excitement in the realm of men’s fashion. This collection effortlessly captures the essence of a modern, dynamic man who navigates both the corporate world and his personal adventures with style and grace.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Fall-Winter season, Prada’s innovative take on office wear assures us that fashion can be both functional and fun, and that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to reimagining the ordinary into something extraordinary.

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Designers: Miuccia PradaRaf Simons

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Olivier Rizzo

Hair Stylist: Guido Palau

Makeup Artist: Lynsey Alexander

Casting Director: Ashley Brokaw

Manicurist: Elena Stepaniuk

Models: Alekss DembovskisAlex DembovskisAlvar af SchulténAntoine BrabantAwwal AdeotiBai Bertram MöllerBraien VaiksaarBrando ErbaCihat SeyhunClaudio GoncalvesClement VarinDugyeong KimEbbe GoethalsElias KhanEmile DanckaertEugen IvanovFrans CroonGeorgie TilbyHamin YuHector HerodyHotaka MaenoHoyong KimHyojun LeeJiho KimJules PascoetKaan CanbulatKit ButlerKristaps KallingsLars JammaersLars PostLouis MercurolMalaha CamaraMohamadou GueyeMuzakir MasahuduMuzyba Nonso OjukwuPaul OhunyonPeter OhunyonPhilippe ProustPierrick GrégoireRokas KavaliauskasRui En BaiTammo RahmingTeun van SteinTheodor PalWal RuopZaram ObasiZhewei GuoZhichuan Hu