In the hallowed halls of the Andaz hotel’s Grade II-listed ballroom, Richard Quinn’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection unfolded as a poignant and visually captivating tribute. Dedicated to the memory of his late father, Patrick James Quinn, who had recently passed away, this runway show transcended the boundaries of fashion to become a heartfelt and deeply personal expression of love and remembrance.

The presence of Quinn’s family in the audience added an extra layer of emotion to the occasion. Their shared grief and celebration of a beloved family member turned this event into a deeply moving experience, not only for the designer but for everyone in attendance.

The choice of the Andaz hotel’s ballroom as the venue for this collection was a stroke of brilliance. The grandeur of the setting, with its ornate walls adorned with white roses, complemented the exquisite craftsmanship of the collection. The glass dome above bathed the space in natural light, adding to the sense of ethereal beauty.

The show opened with a heartfelt Irish dance performance, a nod to Quinn’s Irish heritage and a poignant tribute to his parents. Dancers gracefully moved across the stage in black tulle dresses adorned with delicate floral embellishments, creating a visually enchanting scene. It was a reminder of the power of music and dance to evoke memories and emotions, especially in times of loss.

Throughout the collection, Quinn’s signature style shone brightly. Lavish embellishments, botanical prints, and delicate fabrics like silk and tulle graced the runway. However, it was the sheer 3-D dresses, with their ball gown-like silhouettes and hand-embroidered velvet patterns and floral motifs, that stole the spotlight. These creations were a testament to Quinn’s meticulous attention to detail and his ability to blend opulence with elegance.

The grand finale featured Noughties supermodel Jessica Stam, who closed the show in a resplendent glistening gold bodysuit. Her ensemble was elevated by a cream taffeta cape with dramatic balloon sleeves and an exaggerated ribbon accent. This angelic presence marked the culmination of an emotional, remarkably beautiful, and brilliantly executed show. The audience responded with a standing ovation, recognizing the profound impact of Richard Quinn’s heartfelt collection.

In the world of fashion, where trends and aesthetics often take center stage, Richard Quinn’s SS24 spectacle served as a poignant reminder of the deeper connections that fashion can create. It was a tribute to love, heritage, and craftsmanship, resonating with everyone present. This collection will be remembered not just for its stunning designs but for the emotion and storytelling that it brought to the runway, leaving a profound sense of beauty and meaning in its wake.

Designer: Richard Quinn

Hair Stylist: Sam McKnight

Makeup Artist: Terry Barber

Casting Director: Adam Hindle

Models: Abény NhialAdele RubonekaAdit PriscillaAkolde BeatriceAlice CooperAmelie NsengiyumvaAnne VyalitsynaBente OortBingbing LiuCai GuannanCaroline TrentiniChun JinChunjie LiuDeborah AkanniDriver Emily BennettEmily SturgessEnya DavisGauri SharmaGrace SharpIssa LishIveth VenturaJanaye Jennifer MatiasJessica StamJourdan DunnKate McNamaraKerolyn SoaresLily NovaNour RizkNyaduola GabrielNyakong ChanNyarach Abouch AyuelNyaueth RiamPooja MorRaynara NegrineRouguy FayeTumi Fani-KayodeUgbad Yoon Young Bae