In a departure from his usual grand-scale runway spectacles held at iconic venues like the Palais de Tokyo, avant-garde fashion maestro Rick Owens opted for a more intimate setting to unveil his Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 men’s collection. Set against the backdrop of his chic Parisian apartment on Place de Bourbon, this unconventional approach felt like a deliberate nod to the turbulent times we find ourselves in.

The event marked a significant departure for Owens, known for his dramatic presentations, as it allowed for a more personal connection between the creator, his vision, and a select group of guests. In the midst of this cozy ambience, Owens introduced a striking addition to his Autumn-Winter collection: a pair of boots that could easily be mistaken for artifacts from a distant alien world. These bold and futuristic boots were the result of a creative collaboration with Straytukay, a visionary designer with roots in Finland and a heart in London.

The centerpiece of the show, these boots embodied Owens’ penchant for pushing boundaries and challenging traditional notions of fashion. Crafted from stretchy rubber and featuring bold, voluminous designs, they effortlessly complemented the unconventional and “grotesque” proportions of the collection’s ensembles.

Yet, the extraterrestrial boots were just one facet of this multifaceted showcase. Owens, ever the collaborator, showcased a fresh interpretation of his iconic Kiss boots, reimagined by London-based designer Leo Prothman. The inventive spirit also extended to outerwear and trousers made from recycled bicycle tires, a feat achieved by Matisse di Maggio, a member of the Parisian BDSM community known for their innovative latex creations.

In keeping with his ethos of community, Rick Owens invited a coterie of utopian creators who boldly and fully embrace their distinct aesthetics. He emphasized the collaborative spirit that underscored the entire collection, noting, “In this spirit of community, I have invited some of my favorite utopian creators who live fully and boldly in their aesthetics.”

This sense of community was not confined to the backstage or the runway alone. It found its way onto the stage, where two remarkable figures joined Owens’ muse and collaborator, Tyrone Dylan. Steven Raj Bhaskaran, one-half of the provocative duo Fecal Matter alongside partner Hannah Rose Dalton, graced the stage in a thick-knit jacket fastened with an oversized safety pin, showcasing the now-iconic alien boots. The Montreal-based couple, known for their daring and unconventional approach to fashion, have garnered acclaim and controversy alike.

Rick Owens commended Steven and Hannah for their ability to challenge societal norms through their provocative and thought-provoking creations, a sentiment he resonated with as he endeavors to carve his unique path in the world of fashion.

Another remarkable presence was Gena Marvin, whose fearless pursuit of their aesthetic, often met with peril in their native Russia, was documented in a moving film by director Agniia Galdanova. Dressed in a crumpled black leather shirt and zippered gaiter boots, the Russian queer artist boldly defies stereotypes, advocating for freedom of expression through drag and performance art.

Rick Owens’ runway show was not merely a display of groundbreaking fashion; it was a celebration of artistic diversity, fearless self-expression, and the boundless possibilities that arise when creative minds collaborate. In a world where fashion can often be conventional and predictable, Owens continues to remind us of the beauty in embracing the unconventional and the unapologetic individuality that defines true style.

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Designer: Rick Owens

Hair Stylist: Duffy

Makeup Artist: Daniel Sallstrom

Casting Director: Angus Munro

Models: Akuei MakerBenas LipaviciusChol MabiorDuot AjangEden HuangGleb SazonHyojun LeeJum KuochninMaluit TonyMamuor MajengMohammed AbubakarNicholas LucaOmar FallSam ColletTyrone Dylan Susman

Influencer: Fecal Matter