Paris Fashion Week has kicked off, marking the culmination of the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion calendar. On day two, Belgian-Italian designer Anthony Vaccarello treated attendees to a star-studded spectacle at the iconic Eiffel Tower, continuing his legacy at Saint Laurent with a display of grandeur and authority.

As summer officially drew to a close, Saint Laurent seized the opportunity to unveil its Summer 2024 women’s collection. The setting was nothing short of spectacular, with YSL-branded marble walls providing the backdrop and the Eiffel Tower bathed in light. A constellation of celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Kate Moss, Demi Moore, Tracee Ellis Ross, Emma Mackey, and Austin Butler, graced the front row.

For SS24, Vaccarello extended a warm welcome to friends, family, and a galaxy of celebrity guests, including Kate Moss, Hailey Bieber, and Zoë Kravitz. The venue, adorned with marbled walls, exuded refinement and sophistication while showcasing the strength and resilience of Parisian women. The collection paid homage to Saint Laurent’s rich heritage, weaving a narrative of sensuality and chic through casual yet captivating ensembles.

On the marble runway, Saint Laurent Summer 2024 showcased textures ideal for the season, such as cotton and linen, expertly applied to relaxed and streamlined silhouettes that retained the brand’s trademark sophistication. The collection featured utilitarian jumpsuits, cargo trousers, pencil skirts, airy blouses, flowing scarves, gathered leather gloves, and aviator-inspired headgear, all in a palette of pleasing natural tones, including gold, cream, brown, and classic black.

Vaccarello’s muse for SS24 was the trailblazing female pilots and aviators of yesteryears, emblematic of audacious capability. This inspiration translated into a dynamic collection rooted in utilitarianism. The runway was graced with a fusion of femininity and masculinity, featuring pocketed jumpsuits cinched at the waist and complemented by khaki bottoms and buttoned tank tops. Oversized sunglasses and aviator-style headwear provided protection from the metaphorical winds of change, while leather gloves added an element of functionality.

What truly set Saint Laurent Summer 2024 apart was its ability to infuse couture elements into everyday wear. Anthony Vaccarello artfully reimagined iconic Yves Saint Laurent couture pieces, including the safari suit and sheer dresses, seamlessly blending high fashion with casual elegance.

The Saint Laurent women striding confidently on the runway showcased an array of outfits, including service jackets and pleated trousers in rich shades of burgundy, brown, and cream. Sheer tops delicately accentuated the contours of the female form, while shimmering satin dresses boasted alluring low-slung necklines. Saint Laurent’s SS24 collection epitomized modernity and audacity, drawing inspiration from the brand’s roots while paving the way for its future.

In closing, Saint Laurent SS24 was a masterful showcase of opulence and authority. Vaccarello paid tribute to the brand’s 70-year legacy while honoring the indomitable spirit of pioneering women. Against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, in the presence of a star-studded audience, and with aviator uniforms Saint Laurent-ified, this event celebrated fashion, history, and the brand’s enduring legacy as it charts its course for the future.

Designer: Anthony Vaccarello

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Paul Sinclaire

Hair Stylist: Duffy

Makeup Artist: Pat McGrath

Casting Directors: Piergiorgio Del MoroSamuel Ellis Scheinman

Models: Agel AkolAgnese FurlanisAjah Angau JokAjus SamuelAlaato JazyperAleyna FitzgeraldAlix BouthorsAnja RubikAnna JuvanderAnok YaiAtem BolAwar OdhiangBea AraujoBethany NagyBibi BreslinCaren JepkemeiDu JuanEniola AdegbiyanEva HerzigovaGreta CarnbringHejia LiIlana de BruijnIlya VermeulenJeanne CadieuJusti AgeitosKeny SalgadoLara MenezesLinda HelenaLoli BahiaLuca GajdusMajda John PeterMary UkechMica ArgañarazMila van EetenNyanderi DengOnyinyechi ChijiokePenelope TernesPure Rachel MarxSascha RajasaluSelena ForrestSenna VetSihana ShalajTanya ChurbanovaTara FallaTopsy Wali