Jackson Wiederhoeft wowed audiences at the La Mama Experimental Theater Club in New York with his Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The show began with models in peachy ensembles creating a captivating atmosphere in the center of the venue.

The first act of the show was filled with campy models who playfully interacted with the audience. Folding and moving their chairs to create a makeshift catwalk, they were joined by another model wearing a stunning glass-beaded satin dress, gracefully maneuvering the lifted walkway. In a mock commentary on the influence of social media, the models pretended to record the moment with imaginary phones. They then transformed into classroom students, with the story’s hero taking on the role of their instructor.

The full collection took center stage, showcasing a range of playful yet wearable silhouettes. Standout looks included a black dress with a collar tightly tied around the wearer’s waist, a zippered corset top paired with low-rise khaki pants embellished with glittering bow-ties on the knee, and a reflective Victorian dress with regal shoulders worn by Richie Shazam.

Wiederhoeft’s collection incorporated luxurious fabrics and a signature shine, elevating each piece. The pink V-neck gown and crystal-embossed skirt exuded opulence, while glass beading added an extra touch of grandeur to blazers, dress pants, and smaller tops. The highlight of the collection was a sparkling pink dress adorned with three-dimensional roses, showcasing Wiederhoeft’s technical talent and couture-worthy designs.

The finale of the show was a spectacle, with a confident model strutting down the runway in a light pink dress. They were accompanied by a squad of synchronized men in “SECURITY” cropped tank tops, as well as glitter-glued trio, two poodle-like dancers, and a woman in a billowing silver gown. Together, they constructed a tower of chairs in the center of the floor, which eventually collapsed in a true showbiz fashion, marking the show’s conclusion.

To get a closer look at Jackson Wiederhoeft’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, check out the gallery above. For more coverage of New York Fashion Week and the latest updates in the fashion industry, stay tuned to ULTIMZ Journal.

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