“This season was a deeply emotional and personal journey for me,” shared Willy Chavarria, as he reflected on his highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2024 show. The New York designer decided to showcase his collection in the prestigious grand lobby of Manhattan’s iconic Woolworth Building, marking a departure from his previous offerings. While Chavarria described his last season as a “palette cleanser” with a sleek all-black lineup, this season truly embodied his authentic self as a designer, delving into his own personal influences for inspiration.

One of the most significant influences for Chavarria was the notion of “machismo” that permeated the generations preceding him, particularly the hats worn by his father and grandfather during their arduous work in the fields of San Joaquin Valley. These hats served as powerful symbols of manhood, and Chavarria sought to reclaim and reinterpret their meaning in his collection. Throughout the show, the hats were proudly worn by diverse individuals, effectively breaking down the traditional barriers associated with machismo.

However, the hats were just the tip of the iceberg in Chavarria’s diverse collection, which seamlessly incorporated a wide range of styles including sportswear, eveningwear, streetwear, and even underwear. The designer skillfully paired white blazers with wide trousers, accentuating the ensemble with striking boutonnieres. Casual sweaters were effortlessly styled with knee-length shorts, adorned with Spanish text that read “Grupo Nueva Vision Por Vida” (The New Vision for Life Group). The formal ensembles predominantly featured a sophisticated navy color palette, encompassing jackets that cinched at the waist and khaki pants with subtly dropped crotches.

In a bold move, Chavarria played with traditional dress codes, boldly mixing and matching different styles within a single outfit. For instance, one ensemble combined athletic red shorts with a faded double-breasted blazer, resulting in a striking juxtaposition suitable for both basketball games and prom nights. This fusion of contrasting elements served as the foundation of Chavarria’s design ethos, beautifully woven throughout the entirety of the collection. Glamorous sparkling trousers were effortlessly paired with understated button-up shirts and graphic tees. Similarly, shimmering tops were flawlessly styled with relaxed jogger bottoms, and jersey tops found harmony with tailored dress pants.

Taking a daring step into uncharted territory, Chavarria introduced tank tops and underwear as a new category for his brand, intentionally deconstructing and connecting them. Furthermore, another pair of sports shorts were artfully distressed, only to be juxtaposed with a captivating sequin turtleneck that offered a glimmer of hope amidst their darker aesthetic. The finale of the collection showcased three awe-inspiring romantic gowns in ravishing shades of red, black, and white, each adorned with flowing trains. Drama has always been a defining element of a Willy Chavarria show, and these breathtaking gowns were no exception.

To cap off an unforgettable New York Fashion Week, Chavarria and his entourage gathered at the renowned BOOM atop The Standard High Line for a celebratory soirée. The night culminated in a spellbinding performance by the talented YG, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

For a comprehensive look at the mesmerizing Spring/Summer 2024 collection by Willy Chavarria, we invite you to explore the gallery above. Stay tuned to Hypebeast for the latest coverage of New York Fashion Week.

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