KidSuper, the fashion brand founded by Colm Dillane in New York, is expanding its operations with the establishment of a new headquarters in Brooklyn. This 10,000-square-foot space will serve as KidSuper’s flagship retail store and will also house various creative studios and an art gallery. Located in downtown Williamsburg, the headquarters will not only nurture KidSuper’s own creative projects but will also provide a platform for other artists and designers to bring their ideas to life.

Colm Dillane, who started KidSuper while still in high school, is known for his unconventional approach to fashion. With the opening of this new headquarters, his aim is to create a vibrant community center where like-minded creatives can collaborate and work together. The space has already attracted partnerships with renowned brands such as Canada Goose, Jägermeister, Starbucks, and LoveSac, all of which are supporting the opening events.

In addition to facilitating creative collaborations, Dillane has plans to add more features to the headquarters. These include a rooftop soccer field and a recording studio, which reflect his personal passions. Dillane, who played soccer in college and has a background in music, seeks to integrate these elements into the brand’s identity.

The growth of KidSuper can be attributed, in part, to Dillane’s venture as a guest designer at Louis Vuitton for the men’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection. This association with a luxury brand expanded KidSuper’s wholesale accounts, particularly in Europe. Dillane acknowledges that the experience with Louis Vuitton not only broadened his perspectives but also opened doors to new opportunities and possibilities.

Despite its name, KidSuper has surpassed its initial perception as a childish brand and has transformed into a sophisticated and high-end label. Dillane initially had concerns about the name limiting the brand’s growth potential, but successful collaborations and the partnership with Louis Vuitton have elevated KidSuper’s reputation as a high-art brand. Dillane believes that the name resonates with its audience, especially with the addition of accents for a touch of international flair.

With the inauguration of their new headquarters, KidSuper is primed for further growth and success. This space will not only function as a retail store but also as a dynamic creative hub for artists and designers to collaborate and bring their visions to fruition. As Dillane continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions in the fashion industry, KidSuper is destined to establish itself as a distinctive and innovative brand.

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