London’s Knightsbridge retail area experienced a remarkable resurgence in footfall during the pre- and post-Christmas periods, nearly reaching levels seen in 2019. Luxury retailers such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Burberry reported a significant increase in visitors during the first week of the post-Christmas sales. Data compiled by the Knightsbridge Partnership revealed that footfall between December 26th and January 2nd was 45% higher compared to the same week the previous year. These numbers were only 1% lower than the footfall recorded in the pre-pandemic period of 2019.

The report also highlighted that the first day of the Boxing Day sales saw the highest number of shoppers in Knightsbridge compared to any other day of the week. The positive momentum continued in the week leading up to Christmas, with a notable 18.8% increase in visitor numbers compared to the previous pre-Christmas week. Interestingly, while the rest of London experienced a 3.4% decrease in visits, Knightsbridge stood out with its strong performance.

Steve Medway, CEO of the Knightsbridge Partnership, expressed his delight at the figures, describing them as a “pleasant surprise.” Despite challenges such as transport strikes, high living costs, and even snowfall, the Christmas spirit in the area remained strong. Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harrods, commented that the Boxing Day sales had surpassed expectations, adding to the overall positive sentiment.

However, Medway also called on the government to explore ways to enhance the area’s competitiveness against renowned shopping cities like Paris and Milan. These cities currently offer incentives, such as tax-free shopping, to attract international shoppers. Medway emphasized that the return of tax-free shopping would place Knightsbridge back on par with other global shopping destinations.

The robust footfall figures in Knightsbridge offer promising signs for the recovery of the retail sector. They demonstrate that consumers are willing to return to physical stores despite the ongoing challenges faced by the industry. As retailers and policymakers set their sights on the future, it will be crucial to adopt innovative strategies to attract both domestic and international shoppers. Creating a favorable shopping environment and providing incentives could prove instrumental in remaining competitive in the global market.

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