San Francisco-based investment firm, Knox Lane, has recently acquired a majority stake in Elevation Labs, a premium beauty products formulator and manufacturer. Elevation Labs has gained recognition for its exceptional formulation and filling capabilities, catering to more than 100 well-known beauty brands across various categories such as skincare, haircare, and color products. Since 2018, the company has successfully collaborated with partner brands to develop over 150 award-winning products.

This acquisition comes with plans for expansion on the horizon. Elevation Labs intends to enhance its capacity, capabilities, and team to better support its existing and future brand partners. Additionally, the company will explore strategic acquisitions that align with its geographical footprint and complement its current abilities. Nonetheless, the financial details regarding the transaction remain undisclosed.

Michael Hughes, the President and CEO of Elevation Labs, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Knox Lane. He believes that Knox Lane’s extensive experience and expertise in the consumer products sector, as well as their track record in building successful beauty and personal care brands, make them an ideal partner for Elevation Labs. Hughes is confident that the collaboration will bring added value to the business, employees, and customers, allowing them to continue delivering exceptional customer experiences.

John Bailey, a managing partner at Knox Lane and former president and CFO of E.L.F. Beauty, shared his excitement about supporting Elevation Labs’ growth within the beauty industry. Bailey emphasized Elevation Labs’ unique combination of culture, customer service, and differentiated capabilities, which distinguish the company from its competitors. He looks forward to working together to capitalize on Elevation Labs’ strong momentum and drive continued growth.

With the support and expertise of Knox Lane, Elevation Labs aims to solidify its position as a leading formulator and manufacturer in the beauty industry. This partnership will enable the company to further innovate, expand its offerings, and continue providing exceptional products and experiences to its esteemed customers.

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