Kurt Geiger, a renowned footwear specialist, is witnessing a remarkable surge in sales of accessories within its Kurt Geiger branded operation. The company has reported an “unprecedented” demand for bags during this festive shopping season, with expectations of selling over 100,000 bags this month alone. The UK and US have experienced a significant boost in gifting sales, with a remarkable increase of 101% compared to the previous year. In the UK, the growth stands at an impressive 71%, while North America has achieved a staggering 236% increase.

The rise in bag sales in the US can be partially attributed to the growing number of celebrities who favor Kurt Geiger London accessories. Notable stars such as Rita Ora, Lily Collins, Paris Hilton, and Jenny Ortega have all been spotted wearing the brand’s accessories, which has contributed to its popularity. Moreover, the company has witnessed a 17% increase in the average transaction value on gifts. Among the top-selling styles, the embellished designs, particularly the Shoreditch Bow bag and Belgravia bow styles, have performed exceptionally well. These styles have a higher retail price, indicating that customers are willing to invest in luxurious and eye-catching pieces. The demand for crystals and sparkling accessories and bags has reached an all-time high, with new collections rapidly selling out. Nevertheless, the Rainbow Kensington Bag and Black Kensington Drench Bag continue to be the bestsellers. Another notable success is the recently launched Southbank Tote, which has quickly gained popularity and become the brand’s third best-selling bag style, despite only debuting last month.

Bags have now become the most sought-after item on Kurt Geiger’s UK and US websites, illustrating that customers perceive the brand as their go-to destination for all accessory needs. This is further emphasized by the strong performance of hats, with the Evil Eye Beanie being the top-seller, even during the milder weather in November. Within the brand’s gifting range, the crystal tumbler, available in both Evil Eye and Rainbow styles, has been a best-seller, along with the rapidly sold-out Evil Eye Christmas bauble. Overall, the surge in bag sales and the success of various accessories showcases Kurt Geiger’s strength in the market and its ability to cater to the evolving preferences and needs of its customers during the party season.

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