KVD Beauty, a vegan cosmetics brand based in San Francisco, has recently undergone a full rebranding effort. The brand, previously known as Kat Von D Beauty, changed its name to KVD Vegan Beauty last year after its founder left and it was acquired by LVMH subsidiary Kendo Brands. Now, the brand has further streamlined its name to KVD Beauty, while redefining it as “Kara, Veritas, Decora,” meaning “Value, Truth, Beauty” in Latin.

With its new brand identity, KVD Beauty has revealed a refined brand position exemplified in its fresh campaign imagery, which has already been introduced on its website and social media channels. The brand is also planning to release new marketing materials, packaging, and products as part of its revitalized approach. However, the brand wants to emphasize that its commitment to vegan and cruelty-free values remains unchanged. The formulas of its popular products, such as Tattoo Liner, Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, and Lock-It Foundation, will remain the same.

According to Tara Loftis, the global VP of marketing and public relations at Kendo Brands, the rebranding is a crucial step for the brand to reconnect with its consumers in an authentic way. Loftis explains, “This is the beginning of an important chapter, and it was critical for us to design a disruptive marketing plan, while aligning with top-tier, best-in-class artistry talent that reflects and respects our brand heritage in both tattoos and makeup.”

To support its new image, KVD Beauty has appointed Miryam Lumpini, also known as “The Witch Doctor,” as its first global director of tattoo artistry. Lumpini is a well-known tattoo artist who has worked with celebrities like Jhené Aiko, Kehlani, Keke Palmer, and Skrillex. She will develop tattoo-inspired designs for marketing and product development, as well as create makeup-related content for the brand.

In addition to Lumpini, KVD Beauty has introduced a team of four global makeup artists from Germany, France, and the U.S. These artists will collaborate with the brand on press features, photo shoots, and editorial work. They will also conduct masterclasses and produce exclusive content for KVD Beauty’s social media platforms.

The rebranding efforts are being led by Sarah Koch, the SVP and GM of Kendo Brands, who has extensive experience in beauty brand building and incubation. Koch previously oversaw the successful relaunch of Kendo’s Ole Henriksen skincare business and is now responsible for the strategic global brand management of both KVD Beauty and Bite Beauty.

Through its comprehensive rebranding and collaboration with talented artists, KVD Beauty aims to rejuvenate its brand and strengthen its connection with consumers. The brand is eager to continue its success in creating award-winning and bestselling products, while staying true to its core values of veganism, cruelty-free practices, and celebration of individual expression.

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