After months of covert encounters and rumors about parked SUVs in each other’s driveways, Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet stepped into the public eye as a couple for the first time over the weekend. On Monday, this highly speculated pair seemed to solidify their romantic status as they made a joint appearance at Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ concert in Los Angeles. Their night brimming with open affection made it clear they had taken to heart the opening line of Beyoncé’s song “Cuff It”: “I feel like fallin’ in love (fallin’ love).”

VIP Gathering: Jenner and Chalamet Join A-List Celebs on Beyoncé’s Birthday

Jenner and Chalamet were among the glittering constellation of A-listers who attended the concert, which happened to coincide with Beyoncé’s 42nd birthday. The couple mingled in the VIP section alongside stars like Zendaya, Hailey and Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Adele, and many more.

Smoking and Laughter: Chalamet and Jenner’s Candid Moments

Onlookers captured several moments in videos, one of which featured Chalamet casually smoking a cigarette while engaging in lighthearted banter with Jenner (with a brief cameo by Kendall). The actor’s plumes of smoke served as a reminder that while you can take the boy out of the Lower East Side, you can’t take the LES out of the boy.

Jenner, abstaining from smoking, appeared to be in high spirits as she shared laughter and smiles with her newfound love interest. Despite Beyoncé’s call for an all-silver dress code, the couple opted for their own unique styles: Jenner showcased an archival Maison Margiela ensemble, while Chalamet kept it low-key with a black hoodie and baseball cap.

Passionate Affection: Jenner and Chalamet’s Public Displays of Love

Throughout the marathon concert, the couple was spotted sharing passionate kisses, their arms tightly wrapped around each other, clearly not the only ones feeling “Cozy” that night.

Origin of Romance: Unraveling the Jenner-Chalamet Connection

Jenner and Chalamet’s romantic connection first surfaced in April when reports suggested they were “hanging out and getting to know each other,” according to People magazine. While some speculate that this might be orchestrated by Kris Jenner, the couple has been spending significant time together in their respective Los Angeles residences. Their budding relationship hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Travis Scott, Jenner’s on-and-off boyfriend, seemingly addressing it earlier this month with his song “Meltdown,” which alludes to Chalamet’s upcoming role in Wonka.

An insider divulged to Us Weekly, “They share the same group of friends and have a great time when they’re together, but it’s not too serious. Kylie is having fun, and although she’s open to seeing where things go, they’re not in a committed relationship. It’s all very relaxed.”

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet’s public appearance at Beyoncé’s birthday concert not only confirmed their romantic relationship but also made it clear that their connection is evolving in the public eye. While the world watches their love story unfold, one thing is certain: these two celebrities are keeping things casual and enjoying their time together.