Lacoste, the renowned brand known for its clothing and accessories, is making waves in the fragrance industry with its recent partnership. The brand has signed a 15-year deal with Interparfums SA, a subsidiary of American fragrance giant Inter Parfums. This collaboration, set to begin on January 1st, 2024, will have a global reach, allowing Lacoste’s fragrances to reach a wide audience.

As part of the agreement, Lacoste will pay Interparfums an entrance fee of €90 million. In return, Interparfums will take on the responsibility of creating, developing, producing, and marketing all perfume and cosmetics lines under the Lacoste brand. These products will be available in selective distribution channels as well as in Lacoste’s own boutique network. The first line of perfumes under this new partnership is expected to launch in 2024, showcasing the creative and innovative approach fostered by Interparfums.

Thierry Guibert, President of Lacoste, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Interparfums. He praised the company’s expertise and creativity, highlighting their ability to enhance Lacoste’s fragrance category, a crucial aspect of the brand’s reputation. Guibert emphasized the shared vision between Lacoste and Interparfums, stating that it would allow them to align the fragrances with the brand’s strong identity codes and tap into their full potential.

Jean Madar, CEO of Inter Parfums, echoed Guibert’s sentiments, recognizing Lacoste’s significant growth potential. He sees this partnership as a strategic move that will elevate the brand’s perfumes to new heights. Madar commended Lacoste’s management team for their clear and precise vision, which aligns seamlessly with Interparfums’ goals.

This collaboration with Interparfums comes after Coty, another major player in the fragrance industry, announced the sale of its Lacoste fragrance license back to the brand. This decision was mutually agreed upon and marks the end of Coty’s six-year management of the Lacoste fragrance line. Coty acknowledged the success of Lacoste men’s fragrances, specifically the L’Homme and Match Point pillars, which have gained recognition in the market and received multiple awards. The brand also noted Lacoste’s significant improvement in rankings in the French market.

For Lacoste, this new partnership with Interparfums is a pivotal step in the development of their fragrance lines. Lacoste believes in the brand’s immense potential in the market and aims to revitalize its approach and continue to grow.

Overall, this collaboration between Lacoste and Interparfums is a monumental move that will shape the future of Lacoste’s fragrance category. With the expertise of Interparfums and a shared vision for the brand, Lacoste is well-positioned to achieve even greater success and tap into its untapped potential in the fragrance market.

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