Lacoste, the renowned French sportswear brand, has recently announced the renewal of its eyewear licence agreement with Marchon, its trusted eyewear licensee. This marks the second time that the two companies have extended their partnership since the initial agreement was signed in 2011. The latest renewal signifies a long-term, multi-year commitment between Lacoste and Marchon, although the specific duration of the agreement remains undisclosed.

The renewed agreement encompasses the entire process of designing, developing, producing, and exclusively distributing Lacoste’s eyeglasses and sunglasses collections. Marchon highlights the significant impact that the eyewear category has had on Lacoste’s successful growth and notes its involvement in various partnerships and special projects. One notable collaboration was the launch of eyewear collections in association with Novak Djokovic and Roland Garros, along with the sponsorship of prestigious tennis tournaments such as the Miami Open and the Rolex Shanghai Masters.

Eyewear plays a crucial role for Lacoste, seamlessly complementing the brand’s style, innovation, and creativity. Catherine Spindler, Lacoste’s Chief Brand Officer, reveals the brand’s ambitious plans for the eyewear category and its belief in its untapped potential.

The renewal of the eyewear licence agreement solidifies Lacoste and Marchon’s thriving partnership, aimed at further bolstering the brand’s presence in the eyewear market. By combining Lacoste’s commitment to quality, style, and innovation with Marchon’s expertise and extensive global distribution network, Lacoste is poised to continue attracting fashion-conscious consumers worldwide.

The collaboration between Lacoste and Marchon has already yielded a range of stylish eyewear collections that embody the brand’s heritage and resonate with its loyal customer base. Moreover, this partnership has offered Lacoste the opportunity to extend its reach and engage with new audiences through collaborations with renowned athletes and participation in high-profile sporting events.

As the eyewear market continues to evolve and expand, Lacoste remains steadfast in delivering exceptional eyewear products that embody its core values and captivate consumers. Through its partnership with Marchon, Lacoste can leverage the expertise and resources of a leading eyewear company to create innovative designs and expand its global footprint.

Ultimately, the renewal of the eyewear licence agreement between Lacoste and Marchon underscores the confidence both parties have in their ongoing collaboration and the potential for further success in the eyewear category. As Lacoste continues to expand its brand and reach, consumers can eagerly anticipate exciting and fashionable eyewear offerings that capture the essence of this iconic French label.

To learn more about Lacoste’s eyewear collections, visit their official website [Link 1]. For further information on Marchon’s expertise and global distribution network, please visit their website [Link 2].