Lancel, the prestigious French leather goods label, has recently reported an impressive increase in sales for the first half of the 2021-22 fiscal year. Owned by the Italian group Piquadro, Lancel achieved a remarkable sales growth of 36.4%, amounting to a total of €24.3 million. These results signify progress made across all distribution channels for the brand.

One of the standout performers for Lancel was their Ninon handbag, priced at €595, which experienced a particularly strong surge in sales. The brand’s wholesale channel also saw a significant increase of 64.3%, while sales generated by its own 80 monobrand stores grew by 24.2%. Furthermore, the brand’s e-commerce sales displayed impressive growth, with a substantial rise of 79.7%.

It is important to consider these results in the context of the previous year, which witnessed a slowdown in business due to the impact of the pandemic and subsequent store closures. The first half of the 2021-22 fiscal year has undeniably marked a positive turnaround for Lancel.

Looking at the broader picture, the Piquadro Group, which includes Lancel, Piquadro, and The Bridge, recorded a combined revenue of €63.7 million in H1 2021-22, reflecting an overall increase of 31.3%. Piquadro, another brand under the group, achieved sales of €28.2 million, indicating a notable growth of 26.2%. Similarly, The Bridge witnessed sales of €11.1 million, experiencing a substantial increase of 33.8%.

The Piquadro Group, established by its current president, Marco Palmieri, in 1987, operates in over 50 countries and boasts a total of 176 monobrand stores. Out of these, 84 are dedicated to Piquadro, 12 to The Bridge, and 80 to Lancel. Notably, Lancel owns 61 stores in France, while 19 are located abroad. In the 2020-21 financial year, the Piquadro Group reported a total revenue of €113.5 million, highlighting its continued success and growth in the luxury leather goods market.

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