Landsec, the owner of Bluewater and a major commercial property company, has announced impressive financial and operational performance despite economic uncertainty in the UK. The company reported strong growth in its key retail destinations and significant progress in expanding its mixed-use urban neighborhood portfolio. Landsec’s CEO, Mark Allan, emphasized the company’s ambition to reduce embodied carbon through development and promote social mobility in the industry and the areas it invests in.

In terms of financials, Landsec reported pre-tax profits of £875 million for the year, a significant improvement from the previous year’s loss of £1.39 billion. This increase in profits can be attributed to the 11% rise in the value of Landsec’s portfolio of stores and offices, which grew from £10.8 billion to £12 billion. The return of employees to offices also contributed to this positive performance.

Beyond its financial success, Landsec is taking steps to redefine the traditional retail leasing agent model. The company has appointed a new leasing agent panel to work across its retail and hospitality portfolio. The panel consists of five agents: CBRE, Bruce Gillingham Pollard, Colliers, Curson Sowerby Partners, and Time Retail Partners. These agents will collaborate with Landsec’s brand team to serve existing and new retail customers, as well as assist in identifying new brands to create the optimal brand mix across Landsec’s destinations. The panel aligns with Landsec’s goal of driving performance and adopting a customer-centric approach. It challenges the traditional leasing agent structure by connecting specific partners to brands and sectors, establishing a transparent and sustainable model that promotes a partnership-led approach across the entire portfolio. The brand sectors covered by the panel include Apparel & Accessories, Health & Beauty, and Home.

Landsec’s financial success and its innovative leasing partner model reflect the company’s commitment to growth and innovation in the commercial property industry. With its solid financial position and focus on customer-centricity, Landsec is well-positioned to continue delivering positive results in the future.

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