Lanvin Group, a prominent Chinese conglomerate that owns prestigious luxury brands such as Lanvin and Sergio Rossi, has recently unveiled its ambitious plan to become a major player in the luxury industry. The group has announced its intention to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) this year, making it the first and only global luxury group based in China. With unparalleled access to China’s rapidly growing luxury market, Lanvin Group believes it is well-positioned for success.

According to senior management, Lanvin Group sees itself as an emerging leader in the luxury market with significant growth potential. They anticipate a projected 27% growth rate in the Chinese luxury market over the next five years, providing a promising outlook for their future. However, the group currently has a limited presence on Chinese e-commerce platforms and operates a small number of monobrand stores, indicating ample room for expansion.

Currently, Lanvin Group operates in 80 countries and employs 3,600 individuals. The group’s revenue currently stands at €333 million, but they aspire to triple this figure by 2025, reaching €989 million. To achieve this growth, the group plans to increase online sales by 40%, open 200 new monobrand stores (with half of them in China) to facilitate a 43% rise in direct retail sales, and make significant investments to enhance profitability. Despite incurring losses since 2019, the group projects a return to profitability by 2024.

Although Lanvin Group’s sales in Greater China only make up 14% of its revenue, the group aims to achieve a five-fold increase in this market by 2025. At present, the group’s main market is the EMEA region, followed by North America. CEO Joann Cheng emphasizes the goal of accelerating growth for all of their brands across all markets, not just in China, but also in the rest of Asia, Japan, and the USA.

To realize its objectives, Lanvin Group has established a creative ecosystem that includes strategic alliances with key players in various sectors. The group has partnered with Baozun, the leading e-commerce partner in China, as well as Activation Group for interactive marketing data, K11 for luxury shopping malls, Neo-Concept Group for apparel manufacturing, Stella International for sports footwear, and Itochu for distribution. The Primavera investment firm is the latest addition to this ecosystem, and it will act as the operational partner for Lanvin Group’s NYSE listing.

Formerly known as Fosun Fashion Group, Lanvin Group is the fashion and luxury division of Fosun International, a Chinese conglomerate founded in 1992 with a revenue of €17.1 billion. Lanvin Group was incorporated in 2017, acquiring stakes in several brands, including Caruso and St. John. The group’s growth strategy involves both organic growth and acquisitions, aiming for one or two operations per year. They are interested in acquiring emerging designer brands, companies in the accessories or leather goods segments, as well as those involved in digital infrastructure and online businesses. Additionally, Lanvin Group plans to launch an incubator project focused on minority investments in rapidly growing start-ups.

Currently, Wolford serves as the driving force behind the group, generating €111.5 million in revenue in 2021. Lanvin, Sergio Rossi, St. John, and Caruso are also poised to contribute significantly to the group’s growth. Lanvin, in particular, has experienced nearly double its revenue in 2021, with substantial increases in online sales in North America and China. Sergio Rossi is projected to surpass €130 million in revenue in the next five years, while St. John aims to achieve €189.7 million in revenue by 2025.

In conclusion, Lanvin Group is determined to establish itself as a prominent luxury player by leveraging its strong presence in China’s luxury market and expanding its global retail footprint. With ambitious growth plans and strategic partnerships, the group is confident in its ability to achieve success in the fiercely competitive luxury industry.

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