Launchmetrics, the data analysis firm specializing in fashion, luxury, and beauty industries, has taken a significant step forward by acquiring Parklu, a Chinese influencer analysis platform. This marks the second acquisition for Launchmetrics and is part of its efforts to enhance its strategic positioning and expand its analytics capabilities.

By acquiring Parklu, Launchmetrics gains direct access to the Chinese market, allowing it to reach a staggering 900 million consumers. Parklu offers a range of data and solutions across various business categories, making it a valuable addition to Launchmetrics’ portfolio.

One of the major benefits of this acquisition is the access it provides Launchmetrics to a wealth of China-focused analytics and the extensive network of over 100,000 influencers that Parklu has established. These influencers are active on popular Chinese social media platforms like WeChat, Douyin (TikTok), Weibo, RED, and Bilibili. This access to influencers and analytics will provide Launchmetrics with valuable insights and enhance its capabilities in understanding performance in China.

The decision to penetrate the Chinese market is a significant move for Launchmetrics, particularly considering China’s growing and recovering economy amidst global economic challenges. Launchmetrics aims to help brands be more efficient and deliver better ROI by being able to measure cross-voice performance and provide consistent metrics.

Both Launchmetrics and Parklu have expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition and the opportunities it brings. CEO Michael Jais believes that this acquisition positions Launchmetrics as the only player capable of effectively measuring cross-voice performance, enabling brands to understand their performance not only in China but also beyond. Kim Leitzes, the founder and CEO of Parklu, shares the vision of delivering more value to clients through a comprehensive offer that facilitates data-driven decisions.

Following the acquisition, Kim Leitzes will continue to be part of the company, taking on the role of managing director of APAC and overseeing the integration of Parklu into Launchmetrics.

Overall, Launchmetrics’ acquisition of Parklu represents a significant milestone for the company as it expands its presence in the Chinese market. With access to influential data and analytics, Launchmetrics is well-positioned to provide valuable insights to brands in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. As the importance of the Chinese market grows, Launchmetrics’ strategic move is expected to yield positive results for the company and its clients.

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