Launchmetrics, a leading company specializing in data analytics for the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries, has taken a significant step towards strengthening its capabilities by acquiring its main competitor, DMR. This strategic move aims to solidify Launchmetrics’ position as the industry’s leading brand performance provider. Although the cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed, Launchmetrics CEO Michael Jais expresses excitement about the numerous benefits that the acquisition brings to both companies.

By combining Launchmetrics’ advanced technology with DMR’s extensive historical data, Launchmetrics will now have access to invaluable information that sets it apart from its competitors. Specifically, this includes access to data from the Chinese market, further enhancing Launchmetrics’ ability to connect brands with meaningful business insights.

This acquisition marks the fifth strategic move by Launchmetrics, following its successful acquisitions of influencer platform Style Coalition, Italian company Visual Box, digital content creator IMAXtree, and Chinese platform Parklu. In addition to these acquisitions, Launchmetrics recently secured €50 million in funding, allowing the company to expand its client base to 1,200 and increase its workforce to 400 across ten global offices.

Maintaining a high level of service for clients is a priority for Launchmetrics, even after the acquisition. Jais reassures clients that the transaction will present exciting opportunities for the company and enable them to offer their powerful analytics to smaller brands. He also hints at the possibility of future acquisitions, indicating that Launchmetrics remains open to incorporating add-on tools and integrated solutions.

Launchmetrics has set a goal to surpass $100 million in revenue by 2025, and the company has made significant progress since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jais believes that the fashion industry has finally caught up in terms of digitization, and he envisions a hybrid and engaged future for the industry, where customers expect heightened engagement and a stronger focus on ethical issues.

At the core of Launchmetrics’ culture is humility, a quality emphasized by Jais. He believes that success should be measured by prioritizing customer satisfaction over personal recognition. Even with the acquisition of DMR, Launchmetrics will remain true to its modest approach.

The acquisition of DMR represents a pivotal milestone in Launchmetrics’ journey to becoming the leading provider of data analytics in the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. Through its strategic acquisitions and unwavering focus on data and analytics, Launchmetrics is positioning itself for future growth and success in an ever-evolving industry.

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