According to Laure Hériard-Dubreuil, founder of luxury fashion retailer The Webster, the retail industry is far from dead. In a recent interview with, Hériard-Dubreuil discussed the success of The Webster and its future plans following the opening of their new store in Los Angeles.

The Beverly Center store, which is the seventh location for The Webster, is housed in a unique building with stunning architecture by renowned architect Sir David Adjaye. The space was previously a Hard Rock Café and a steakhouse but has been transformed into a visually striking store with pink columns, the signature color of The Webster, and an art installation by Khalil Joseph.

Hériard-Dubreuil explained that she went against the advice of others who suggested a discreet location and instead chose the popular Beverly Center, which is conveniently located between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. The easy access and valet parking service were key factors in this decision.

The Webster was founded in Miami in 2007 as a series of temporary pop-up shops. The first store was located in the historic Art Deco Webster Hotel, which inspired the name of the retailer. The pink flamingo became the store’s mascot, representing the vibrant culture of Miami.

From Miami, Hériard-Dubreuil expanded The Webster to New York before settling on Los Angeles. She fell in love with Miami’s energy during an Art Basel event and saw the opportunity to fill a gap in the city’s fashion scene. Despite initial doubts from others, The Webster proved to be a success, leading to the opening of a second store in Bal Harbor shopping mall.

The success of The Webster, according to Hériard-Dubreuil, stems from its highly curated selection of labels. With over 50 brands, including renowned names like Gucci and Chloé, as well as up-and-coming designers, The Webster gives customers the opportunity to discover new designers and create unique looks by combining different labels. The store’s decor also plays a crucial role in providing customers with a captivating shopping experience.

Hériard-Dubreuil emphasized The Webster’s contemporary approach to luxury fashion. The retailer aims to pair leading labels with emerging designers and offer timeless looks that can be worn at any time.

Contrary to the prevailing belief that retail is dying, Hériard-Dubreuil opened her first store when online shopping was gaining popularity. She firmly believes in the future of retail and has introduced a new style of shopping with The Webster. Their stores are designed to feel like private residences, providing customers with a relaxing environment to explore art and indulge in luxury. The experience is meant to be unhurried, allowing customers to take their time to discover new artworks and enjoy the space.

Currently, The Webster has a network of seven stores across the US, including locations in New York and Los Angeles. Hériard-Dubreuil plans for further expansion, potentially in Asia, as Los Angeles serves as a gateway to other markets in the continent. The recent appointment of Laurent Malacaze as CEO will support the growth of The Webster, allowing Hériard-Dubreuil to focus on label curation and event organization.

Looking ahead, Hériard-Dubreuil’s plans for The Webster include growing the e-commerce business, expanding into childrenswear and home decoration categories, and further developing their beauty offerings. The retailer’s private label, LHD, launched two years ago and offers distinctive prints and wearable designs. While there is interest in opening a store in France, Hériard-Dubreuil is currently focused on the US market, with potential opportunities in Asia and Europe.

In conclusion, Laure Hériard-Dubreuil’s success with The Webster serves as evidence that retail is alive and thriving. Through a highly curated selection of labels, unique shopping experiences, and a fresh retailing style, she has carved out a niche in the market. With plans for expansion and a dedicated team, The Webster is poised for continued success.

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