Ideal combination between a fire sign and an air sign. Both sentimental and romantic, they form a fairytale couple. They love each other intensely and are committed to giving the other the attention he deserves. Leo and Libra love to go out, organize dinners, share moments with friends and family. they are both fascinated by art and beauty.

Leo – Libra: the secret to a long-lasting relationship

The only problem this couple might encounter is that of jealousy. To overcome moments of crisis, they will both have to trust each other and confront each other, without being aggressive or insensitive.

Sexual compatibility and intimacy

When a Leo and a Libra meet, they don’t need a lot of time to build a healthy sex life. With the confidence of Leo and the sexuality of Libra, they tend to inspire each other to become great lovers when they are together. Their sex life is usually filled with respect and they feel free to try new things with each other. If they based their relationship on strong mutual attraction, they could enjoy a satisfying sex life for a long time.


It’s not often that Leo and Libra share a relationship full of mutual trust. The problem here arises from their understanding of the Sun, as Leo rules and falls into Libra. To add to that, Leo is a sign of Neptune’s fall and Libra can often sense the dishonesty behind Leo’s confident act, if there is any. The problem is that they both like to be seen, but in a completely different way. Leo wants to show everything he has and Libra wants to get other people’s approval. Neither of them understands the other, and this can become a reason to become jealous and distrustful. If they wish to remain in a relationship of trust, they need to find approval and a suitable audience in each other to begin with. Only then can they go ahead and look for these things in other people without arousing suspicion.

Communication and intellect

When it comes to the rational side of their relationship, Leo and Libra have a very nice way of supporting each other and communicating. The sextile between their Suns usually allows them to respect each other and help each other build stronger personalities, free from judgment of any kind. Their elements of Fire and Air fit together perfectly and there is a passionate Leo approach to every Libra idea. Their communication is fast and inspiring, although sometimes difficult to ground through constructive ideas if Libra does not rely on their cold, rational relationship with Saturn.


These two signs represent our love relationships and our marriage, and when you look at this couple, you will see that their love for each other is real, obvious, shown and leads them in a certain direction. They will never end up in a relationship with no future, and their faith in love will move them towards marriage, children and aging together, if only they share enough trust and love. Ruled by the Sun and Venus, these signs represent one of the fundamental planetary cycles of love that is often linked to periods of eight years. If they stay together longer, they might as well walk down the aisle and have a group of kids.


Nothing is more valuable to Leo than someone’s strong personality and their own pride and heroism. Libra, on the other hand, appreciate justice and the ability to be the hero, something they often feel they are missing. They are finely compatible when it comes to matters relating to the Sun and complement each other well in a way that helps them both learn to express themselves and their abilities and strengths. The problem with this pair is in their relationship with Saturn, and while Leo represents his harm, Libra exalts it. While this may be a lesson to be learned, the challenge of unequal responsibility can tear them apart. Leo needs to get serious and realize what their responsibility is to fit into the things Libra values most: trustworthiness and tact.

Shared activities

There is a strange similarity in the speed of these signs. Leo is a fire sign and as such he shouldn’t be slow as a water sign or earth sign. Libra belongs to the Air element and should be faster than any other element. But when you look at these two signs, you will see that Leo would like to sleep 20 hours a day and Libra has to think twice and carefully choose the activities and words she wants to say. It doesn’t seem that fast, does it? If they share the same interests, they may have an infinite range of possibilities for shared activities. They will mainly enjoy red carpet events and imaginative encounters where both can show themselves to the world.

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